Intelligence channels

Action your intelligence initiatives

Streamline the collection and use of relevant incidents to address your prioritized intelligence requirements. Accelerate your time to protection with the power of highly curated and correlated insights.

How customers use Intelligence Channels

Aiding customers with stopping the adversary. Empowering a cyber threat-informed defense.

Curated intelligence

Gain access to high-quality curated data optimized for specific intelligence categories.

Unlock intelligence initiatives

Subscribe to channels aligned with key initiatives, such as malware defense, mobile threats, etc.

Defend against sector-specific attacks

Protect against threats focused on your sector (e.g., Energy, Health Care, Finance) by identifying actors, malware, and associated activity.
WHY Intel Channels?

Key capabilities

Curated insights

Tailored intelligence curated by the Anomali Threat Research team

Focused intelligence

Focused intelligence for specific sectors, regions, and threats

SecOps integration

Automate the collection & distribution of critical intel into security operations workflows

Leading intelligence

Integrate machine-readable intel with security controls

Integrated dashboards

Execute decisions faster with real-time insights into prioritized, relevant threats

Automated workflows

Immediately go from intelligence insights to action with automated workflows

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Transform prioritized intelligence requirements into action. Elevate your insights and accelerate your meantime to protection with Anomali Intelligence Channels.

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