About Anomali

Anomali is the leading AI-Powered Security Operations Platform. Our cloud-native big data solution streamlines visibility, offering unmatched speed, scale, and performance at reduced costs.

Our Perspective

Ahmed Rubaie
Chief Executive Officer

CIOs and CISOs are navigating a complex and always changing threat landscape that is fueled by an ever-increasing big data challenge. Technology continues to advance with the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more advanced cloud native solutions. To keep up with the demand of protecting and driving their organizations, CIOs and CISOs must continuously modernize their operations. Given the burden of legacy technology, they must calibrate their strategy and execution – they must think “differently.”

Organizations that operate successfully are run by people who implement the most efficient processes by using the best technology. Typically, processes are managed by functional experts and used by management. Complexity is managed at the functional expert level, and simplicity is required at the management level.  A safe and intelligent Copilot is needed to provide IT and security operators with an operations platform, similar to how robots entered the factory floor during the Industrial Revolution.

Today, we operate in a space where organizations will be left behind if they don’t begin to think and operate differently. Automating important tasks will free up time for operators to do more advanced IT and security work. Operators, together with their Copilot, must do two things:

Our Origin Story

Security Operations Journey Through Time

January 2013

Founded in 2013 by Hugh Njemanze.

March 2013

Anomali received a $300K raise for its seed round funding.

February 2014

Series A Venture Stage. Anomali received $4M raise for its Early Venture/Series A funding stage from GV.

November 2014

Series B Venture Stage. Anomali received $22M for its Series B Funding type/Early Stage Venture from General Catalyst.

April 2016

Series C Funding - Anomali received $30M raise for its Series C Funding type/Late Stage Venture from IVP.

January 2018

Series D Funding - Anomali received $40M raise for its Series D Funding type/Late Stage Venture from Lumia Capital.

Core Values

At Anomali, we do things differently. We are not your typical security operations platform.


At Anomali, integrity is more than just a word — it's a commitment to upstanding character traits and work ethics. We value sound judgment, honesty, dependability, and loyalty. Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Teamwork is when a group of individuals work together toward a collective goal in an efficient manner. Teamwork is one of the most important tools when it comes to organizational efficiency.


Innovation drives us forward. It's not always about big changes; even small adjustments can make a huge impact. We constantly introduce new ideas, services, products, and processes to create a dynamic work environment.


No one person is better than another. We work with a lack of arrogance, and with an acceptance of others, which frees us to demonstrate strength, assertiveness, and courage. Only with humility, can we all succeed as a team because we are grounded and not diminished by arrogance.


Empathy is understanding and sensitivity to each other's unique perspectives, work styles, and ideas. Empathy forms the foundation of how we treat others — with acceptance and compassion.

Servant Leadership

Our leadership style is rooted in servant leadership. We prioritize serving the greater good, putting the needs of our team and organization first. Our leaders don't just chase personal objectives; they lead with a focus on serving others.

Executive Leadership

Ahmed Rubaie
Chief Executive Officer

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Udit Tibrewal
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

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Hugh Njemanze

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Wei Huang
Chief Technology Officer

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Anthony Aurigemma
Chief Revenue Officer

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John Bruns
Chief Information Security Officer

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Ali Haidar
Chief Customer Advocate

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Sherry Lowe
Chief Marketing Officer

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Lisa Lyssand
Senior Vice President of Human Resources

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Erick Ingleby
Head of Product

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Transforming Security Operations

“Before Anomali, we had tons of information without context. We had to look through thousands of alerts quickly just to see what stood out and then react to those. Anomali enabled us to spend less time dealing with noise, and more time focusing on critical issues.”

Devin Ertel

CISO, Blackhawk Network Holdings

“We leverage market-leading tools to give our company a competitive advantage and our 24/7 SOC a leg up on bad actors. With Anomali, we improve on both of these goals. By adding intelligence, we achieve a high level of certainty that enhances prioritization of the most serious threats our customers face, while improving our mitigation decisions.”

Grant Leonard

Co-Founder, Castra

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