Anomali ThreatStream Threat Intelligence Management
Anomali ThreatStream

Automated threat intelligence management at scale

Threat Intelligence Management that automates the collection and processing of raw data, filters out the noise and transforms it into relevant, actionable threat intelligence for security teams.

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Operationalized intelligence tailored for your environment

Anomali ThreatStream automates the threat intelligence collection and management lifecycle to speed detection, streamline investigations and increase analyst productivity. ThreatStream easily integrates into existing security infrastructure to operationalize threat intelligence and improve organizational efficiencies.

Not only did ThreatStream help to process a greater volume of intelligence and identify threats faster, but it greatly reduced the busy work that analysts used to perform by automating the updating of feeds, correlation of indicators and breach analysis to figure out which ones tie together, and suggesting research and remediation actions up front.
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of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform
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Actionable intelligence optimized and delivered at scale

Powered by artificial intelligence, ThreatStream automates and accelerates the process of collecting all relevant global threat data, providing enhanced visibility into your unique threat landscape through diversified, specialized intelligence sources, without increasing administrative load.

  • Automate threat data collection from hundreds of threat sources to deliver a single high fidelity set of threat intelligence at scale
  • Break down silos and create a foundation for security teams to collaborate and attribute analyst activity with relevant intelligence towards organizational goals with Intelligence Initiatives 
  • Try and buy new sources of threat intelligence from leading threat intelligence data providers easily via the Anomali App Store
  • Collaborate within and between organizations with integrated threat intelligence sharing, trusted globally by ISACs, ISAOs, and holding companies

Precision attack detection to cut through the noise

ThreatStream automates collection and curation of premium and open-source global intelligence from structured and unstructured data, normalizes it across sources, enriches it with actor, campaign, and TTP information, then de-duplicates it and removes false positives using our patented machine learning algorithm.

  • Investigate via integrated workbench to increase security analyst productivity in threat research, analysis, and finished intelligence publication
  • Score threat intelligence for confidence and severity with a powerful machine-learning algorithm to operationalize it quickly
  • Automatically associate adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and Attack Patterns with Techniques and Sub-Techniques in the MITRE ATT&CK Enterprise Framework
  • Analyze adversary attack infrastructure to accelerate threat research and insights with Visual Explorer tool
Anomali ThreatStream Attack Pattern Detail
Anomali ThreatStream integration screenshot

Optimized response delivered across your defenses

ThreatStream delivers operational threat intelligence to your security controls via the industry's largest set of turnkey integrations, powered by a robust set of SDKs and APIs. This enables you to automatically disseminate data to your security systems for blocking and monitoring, including your SIEM, Firewall, IPS, EDR, and SOAR.

  • Turnkey integrations with leading enterprise SIEMs, firewalls, EDRs, and SOARs deliver fast time-to-value
  • Extensible platform with restful API and SDKs for feeds, enrichments, and security system integrations
  • Scalable, real-time intelligence distribution to security controls across your entire security ecosystem
  • Two-way visibility into threat intelligence quality with MyAttacks feature

Key capabilities

  • Interactive dashboards of tactical, technical, operational, and strategic CTI with ATR expert analysis
  • Granular rule-based alerting on relevant intelligence based on source, type, and flexible tagging
  • MITRE ATT&CK mapping with immediate view of global threats impacting your organization’s security posture
  • STIX/TAXII compliant for bi-directional intelligence exchange between TAXII servers and clients
  • Trusted Circles secure rapid response and ongoing intelligence collaboration with industry peers
  • Global intelligence App Store management across unlimited open, commercial, and proprietary sources
  • Threat model analysis across intelligence from IoCs and Malware to threat actors and campaigns
  • Quickly investigate indicator associations using open source and commercial intelligence enrichments
  • Visual link analysis investigation to expand from indicator to associated higher-level threat models
Case study

Blackhawk Network

Learn how Blackhawk Network integrated disparate threat feeds into a high fidelity data set of intelligence, synchronized threat intelligence with their SIEM alerts, and provided the threat context around IOCs necessary for analysts to understand their true importance.

Flexible deployment options to fit your requirements


For organizations requiring a best-of-breed threat intelligence platform that provides fast time-to-value, Threatstream offers a cloud-native implementation that can be deployed in minutes.

Virtual machine

For organizations requiring their threat intelligence platform to be hosted in their cloud platform of choice, ThreatStream can be deployed as a virtual machine.


For organizations that need to ensure the security of locally generated threat intelligence, ThreatStream On-Prem provides a locally managed private instance that includes the ability to access global cloud-based threat intelligence feeds.

Air gap

For organizations requiring maximum security, ThreatStream AirGap is a completely standalone private instance, delivering full functionality without connecting to the Internet or any other threat intelligence service.


Gain actionable threat intelligence at scale

Organizations rely on Anomali to filter out the noise and deliver relevant intelligence at scale that informs on the attacks, actors and techniques that defenders care about.