Anomali ThreatStream

How well do you know your adversaries?

Accelerate the time to detect and respond with continuous insight into adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Gain a strategic upper hand on your adversary.

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Immediately transforming raw data into actionable intelligence.

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How customers use ThreatStream

Empowering a cyber threat-informed defense to stop adversaries.

Threat landscape monitoring

Know your adversaries' TTPs, leverage insights from peers via ISAC sharing, and plan your defense proactively.

Intelligence lifecycle management

Automate intel workflows – collect, curate, analyze, prioritize, publish, and assess.

Enhance security control efficacy

Automate intel distribution to current security controls to proactively stop breaches.

Enrich SecOps Workflows

Accelerate triage and response with attacker insights, TTPs, attack flows, and related observables.

Accelerate incident response

Know your adversaries, predict their next steps, and stop breach impacts.
WHY ThreatStream?

Key capabilities

Intelligence feeds

Draw insights from OSINT, premium, and Anomali intel feeds

Natural language

Automated unstructured intelligence ingestion with NLP

Machine learning

Improve intelligence efficacy with ML-based scoring

Boost security controls

Integrate machine-readable intelligence with security controls

APP Store

Simplify intelligence licensing with the Anomali APP Store

Trusted circles

Share intelligence with ISAC peers using trusted circles

Attack flow

Cyber informed-threat defense with attack flow library

Alert enrichment

Enrich security alerts with actors, campaigns, TTPs, and more


Map coverage against MITRE ATT&CK to plan investments

Case Study

Blackhawk Network

Learn how Blackhawk Network integrated disparate threat feeds into a high-fidelity data set of intelligence, synchronized threat intelligence with their SIEM alerts, and provided the threat context around IOCs necessary for analysts to understand their true importance.
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Transform your security operations with an intelligent, cyber threat-informed defense. Know your adversaries. Keep them at bay.

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