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Gartner peer insights

Once products are deployed, the process runs smoothly. Produces huge numbers of Threat Intel, which were filtered and customized to our requirements. Anomali support is outstanding, and dedicated to satisfy our requirements.
Technical Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst,
Finance industry

An exceptional / state of art product with a great customer focused team to enable the organization improve its cyber posture proactively.
Global Leader - Cybersecurity Operations,
Manufacturing industry

Excellente TIP to concentrate & correlate Feeds from all kind of sources. Need to maturing in the capability to produce reports and with Sighting.
Threat Intelligence Lead,
Media industry

Anomali has been one of the only platforms we've seen that allows us to tag our own intelligence, apply confidence ratings and collaborate with other intel sources to get a better picture of the attacker infrastructures, etc at a play in Cyber Attacks.
Cyber Security Specialist,
Transportation industry

I could say these data set is designed for practitioner. 1. Input - All kind of (unstructured + structured) data could processed properly. 2. Output - The type of export also clearly organized. So It saves time to customized/beautify.
Senior Consultant,
Services industry

Anomali provide a knowledge system that provides our organisation with a tool that helps us getting more insight and overview in the financial threat landscape, combined with extended connectivity possibilities related to external intelligence sources makes this a powerful tool.
CYI Analyst,
Finance industry

Third party reviews

Keeping up with market trends has certainly paid off for Anomali – the different information inputs have allowed it to make a key strategic move: expanding its TIP to encompass a broader Extended Detection and Response (XDR) focus. Anomali’s ThreatStream, a cloud-native SaaS offering, is the market-leading TIP/threat intelligence management solution.
Clara Dello Russo, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan Read full review
Anomali has taken three of the better security solutions on the market and bundled them together into a comprehensive security tool, one that uses the world's largest (this is not hyperbole) threat/security intelligence repository to detect and identify suspicious activity and put a stop to it. Really, at the end of the day, The Anomali Platform actually does what it says that it does-it continuously detects security threats and prevents attacks before they happen.
EMA Impact Brief Read full review

Overall, security pros will find Anomali a mature, at-scale threat intelligence solution. Administrators and security teams will stop threats more effectively, improve productivity, and reduce the risk of security breaches.
Katelyn Dunn & Tom Weil, SC Media Read full review

Our awards program recognizes companies that are driving change, achieving growth, and setting new standards in performance. In our extensive study of the market, we determined that Anomali is outperforming competitors and owns the lion's share of enterprise customers using TIPS to improve security and reduce risk.
Mikita Hanets, lead research analyst, Frost & Sullivan Read full review
Anomali’s threat intelligence platform (TIP) is designed to provide the knowledge analysts and threat hunters demand to stay one step ahead of their adversaries. Comprising three core components – ThreatStream, Match and Lens – it aggregates threat intelligence from a vast array of sources and feeds, transforms it into understandable and actionable formats and integrates seamlessly with existing security tools.
Dave Mitchell, IT Security Guru Read full review

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