Gartner peer insights

"From the moment we implemented Anomali we immediately felt like family. They supported us in the first steps when during our learning phase with the product and now they check in on a regular basis to ensure that we're using the product to it's fullest extend and capabilities. Whenever we have a support issue, they are always available to help and does it with an amazing attitude."

Threat Intelligence Team Leader, Finance industry

"Once products are deployed, the process runs smoothly. Produces huge numbers of Threat Intel, which were filtered and customized to our requirements. Anomali support is outstanding, and dedicated to satisfy our requirements."

Technical Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Finance industry

"An exceptional / state of art product with a great customer focused team to enable the organization improve its cyber posture proactively."

Global Leader - Cybersecurity Operations, Manufacturing industry

"Excellente TIP to concentrate & correlate Feeds from all kind of sources. Need to maturing in the capability to produce reports and with Sighting."

Threat Intelligence Lead, Media industry

"Anomali has been one of the only platforms we've seen that allows us to tag our own intelligence, apply confidence ratings and collaborate with other intel sources to get a better picture of the attacker infrastructures, etc at a play in Cyber Attacks."

Cyber Security Specialist, Transportation industry

"I could say these data set is designed for practitioner. 1. Input - All kind of (unstructured + structured) data could processed properly. 2. Output - The type of export also clearly organized. So It saves time to customized/beautify."

Senior Consultant, Services industry

"Anomali provide a knowledge system that provides our organisation with a tool that helps us getting more insight and overview in the financial threat landscape, combined with extended connectivity possibilities related to external intelligence sources makes this a powerful tool."

CYI Analyst, Finance industry

Anomali customer quotes

“The time it takes to analyze a threat has gone down from 30 minutes to just a few minutes, time that adds up over the course of investigating many malicious IPs every week. There has been a substantial decrease in terms of meantime-to-know.”
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Arindam Bose

Senior Vice President & Security Officer, Bank of Hope

“Before Anomali, we had tons of information without context. We had to look through thousands of alerts quickly just to see what stood out and then react to those. Anomali enabled us to spend less time dealing with noise, and more time focusing on critical issues.”

Devin Ertel

CISO, Blackhawk Network Holdings

“As one of the prominent banks in the United Arab Emirates, we manage assets and transactions for thousands of customers. One of our main commitments to our customers is security and we achieve this through solid partnerships with industry experts such as Anomali. By bringing in industry experts, we expect to gain advanced levels of security that will help us to further heighten our defenses and intercept any possible exploitation by cybercriminals.”

K.S. Ramakrishnan

Chief Risk Officer, RAKBANK

“We leverage market-leading tools to give our company a competitive advantage and our 24/7 SOC a leg up on bad actors. With Anomali, we improve on both of these goals. By adding intelligence, we achieve a high level of certainty that enhances prioritization of the most serious threats our customers face, while improving our mitigation decisions.”

Grant Leonard

Co-Founder, Castra

“When I first met Anomali, I thought that they were a SIEM 3.0 with the best intelligence. I now think differently and am less focused on acronyms. As a CISO, I need to protect my organization and deliver shareholder value. Anomali is my partner.”


Top 50 Healthcare Institution

“Anomali uniquely innovates from our perspective as customers vs. the vendor or the analyst communities. They speak business and have attended one of our board meetings. Their approach is the modern path of managing security to drive business. They are all about use cases and automation. Not to mention the cost savings. They serve the who’s who globally in our sector.”

Senior Executive

Global Energy Company

“Hugh Njemanze and his team at Anomali have taken security analytics to a new peak and they continue to relentlessly innovate. Moreover, we have used their platform to deliver business analytics. They have led the market in AI and ML, which has increased our productivity and our effectiveness with our management and board. Using The Anomali Platform is a competitive advantage for us. Finally, when Anomali says they partner with their customers, they mean it. Keep innovating!”

Deputy CISO

Fortune 500 Financial Institution

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