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Providing integrations that increase business value and decrease risk.

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Join the Anomali Ecosystem as a Technology Partner

Anomali believes building and investing in an innovative ecosystem of technology partners is essential for delivering better business outcomes for customers.

The Anomali Technology Partner Program (TPP) provides technology partners everything they need to develop innovative and differentiated product and service integrations that complement Anomali’s solution portfolio designed to stop breaches and attackers.

Why Join?

Generate New Revenue Streams
Increase Brand Awareness
Expand Your Reach Within Anomali’s Large Threat Intelligence Community
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Program Tiers

TPP offers a three tiered structure based on level of commitment: Foundation, Advanced, and Premier tiers. Each tier provides additional access to benefits based on the commitment to developing value-added solutions and driving mutual business.

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The initial point of engagement for companies looking to establish a technology partnership with a focus on product integration.
A thumbnail featuring Anomali is a technology partner that provides advanced solutions.
For companies who have completed at least one integration and have invested in bringing the joint solution to market.
A thumbnail featuring Anomali is a technology partner that provides services to help businesses grow.
Partners at this level have made significant investments on both the technical and go-to-market front with robust customer adoption.
Program Benefits
Benefits are based on the level of partner investment and the value they bring to Anomali, our portfolio and our customers.
Technical Benefits – Partners gain access to powerful tools to speed development and testing including Anomali SDKs and APIs, development support, a “Not-for-Resale” instance and Anomali’s validation of the integration.
Marketing Benefits – Use of the Anomali logo, visibility on Anomali’s web site as a technology partner, joint collateral, and eligibility for customer-facing events are just some of the benefits.
Sales Enablement Benefits – Eligibility for referral and resale relationships and invitation to sales training sessions.

What Anomali Technology Partners Say

Anomali powers the threat intelligence sharing of many of the world’s leading Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs), Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs), and other threat intel sharing communities.

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"Enterprises are experiencing large-scale, destructive attacks that have been exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Security teams now more than ever need better, continuous visibility into the cyberthreats they face. By partnering with Anomali, we are able to extend our global, actionable threat intelligence to customers, helping them to more rapidly identify threats and mitigate their most critical security risks."

Jan T. Johansen
Executive Director Global Channels and Partnerships

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"Enriching the context around IOCs with Anomali dramatically increases their value to analysts, and augmenting threat research with advanced threat analysis features such as Symantec’s Threat Hunter, Targeted Attack Analytics, Threat Defense for Active Directory and Adaptive Security provides critical details needed to prevent events from exploding into costly security incidents."

Jan T. Johansen
Executive Director Global Channels and Partnerships