The nerve center for Security Operations

Search petabytes of data in seconds with Anomali Copilot. Enable analysts to use natural language search for queries, correlations, and prioritization.

Extended visibility. Precision detection. Comprehensive response. Increased speed.

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Immediate, correlated insight

Anomali Copilot uses a purpose-built large language model built on the industry's largest threat repository for security to immediately and accurately understand anomalous activities. Anomali Copilot trains on vast datasets, providing comprehensive, immediate, and integrated perspectives on threat activity, delivering results with a business-level interpretation of data for executive and C-level review.

How far back, and how fast?

Search queries can go back up to seven years, and run wildcard searches on petabytes of data in seconds.

How easy?

Avoid complex query languages with simplified natural language search enabled by Copilot.

How comprehensive?

Copilot is designed to augment your SIEM, SOAR, and network/endpoint analytics with real-time dashboards.
WHY Copilot?

Key capabilities

SOC Analyst Copilot

Natural language search, in any spoken language

Threat Analyst Copilot

Gather intel, read, translate, understand, contextualize, and ingest – all from a threat brief, ticket, or any screen

Threat Hunter Copilot

Ingest, retrospectively match, and threat hunt using natural language

SOC/CTI Integrated Copilot

Ask questions and receive answers throughout the platform

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