Amplify your visibility, action with intelligence, and automate your response

The security operations platform to transform security, productivity & reduce cost.

Do more. With less.

Security analytics for the modern SOC

Fueled by a highly efficient big data engine, AI & machine learning, and the world’s largest intelligence repository, The Anomali Platform delivers security analytics to transform security at a lower cost.

Accelerate your time to protection and trim costs. The Anomali way.

Amplified visibility

Amplify your visibility into your risk exposure, external threat landscape, and internal environment

Actioned intelligence

Know your attacker, their targets, and their modus operandi to translate insights into action

Automated workflows

Automate workflows to stop the attackers - identify risk, gather intel, and accelerate the response

Helping customers unlock their SOC

One platform. Many use cases.

Threat landscape monitoring

Drive a cyber threat-informed defense with insights from the landscape

Precision attack detection

Identify breaches with high precision using insights into  attacker indicators and behavior

Enriched and automated response

Prioritize, accelerate, and automate responses with adversary insights and breach context

Optimize cyber stack

Assess and improve the efficacy of your cyber stack through proactive indicator sharing

Accelerate threat hunting

Go from bulletins to hunting in minutes with attack patterns, indicators, and attacker context

Doing more with less mandates smarter risk management before, during, and after the breach.

Assess. Collect. Enrich. Detect. Investigate. Respond. Automate. Collaborate.

Threat Intelligence Management

Transform raw threat data into relevant, actioned intelligence and strategic insights

Exposure Management

Discover your attack surface and actively manage your risk exposure to reduce breach impact

Detection and Response

Identify breaches with high precision and stop them with rapidity to shrink impact

Security Automation

Improve efficiency and scale with workflow automation pre- and post-breach
“The time it takes to analyze a threat has gone down from 30 minutes to just a few minutes, time that adds up over the course of investigating many malicious IPs every week. There has been a substantial decrease in terms of meantime-to-know.”

Matt Singleton

State CISO, Oklahoma OMES

Amplify your visibility, action it with intelligence, and automate your response

Transforming security operations starts with knowing yourself and knowing your adversary.

Understand your risk and proactively address the impact. And do it without breaking the bank.

Anomali can help