March 7, 2019
Anissa Khalid

Anomali at RSA Conference 2019 - Better than Ever

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<p>This year&#39;s theme for <a href="" target="_blank">RSA Conference 2019 was <em>Better</em></a> - better connections, better solutions, and a better digital world. After a full week of RSA activities and festivities, we&#39;re feeling better than ever about the incredible advances in the industry and the community&#39;s shared goal to make the world a safer place. In case you couldn&#39;t stop by and say hello this year, he&#39;s a brief recap.</p><h3>Attendees may have seen us around downtown San Francisco...</h3><p><img alt="" src="" /></p><h3>Or watched a demo of the <a href="">Anomali</a><a href=""> Threat Platform</a>...</h3><p><img alt="" src="" /></p><h3>Or enjoyed any of our presentations with our partners.</h3><p>We&#39;re #BetterTogether with partners like <a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Security</a>, <a href="">ServiceNow</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Verizon</a>. </p><p><img alt="" src="" /></p><h3>We also raffled off a CAR...</h3><h3> </h3><h3>Congratulations to the winner of the Fiat 124 Spider Abarth!</h3><p><img alt="" src="" /></p><p><img alt="" src="" /></p><h3>And we celebrated the week with friends.</h3><p>Thank you to our partners <a href="" target="_blank">Verodin</a> and <a href="">Flashpoint</a> for co-hosting RSAC After Dark.</p><p><img alt="" src="" /></p>

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