Customer Care

Provided by the Anomali Customer Success Organization

Multiple Levels of Expertise

The departments within CSO collaborate to provide customers with 24-hour support and additional services. CSO uses a tiered approach to allow clients to contact Anomali through their assigned operations staff member or via our support portal. With experts in all major client integration solutions and areas of security development, CSO provides clients with the knowledge necessary to address all threat intelligence related inquiries.

Proactive Communication

CSO uses its varying teams and tools to proactively communicate with clients.

Operations Team – engages clients on questions and problems that relate to their purchased solutions and integrations
Support Team – actively follows-up with clients on tickets and issues
News and Updates – allows clients to see new features, changes in our solutions, and bug fixes

Timely Response

Anomali works with clients to provide timely responses to small and large technical issues. CSO follows well-defined Service Level Agreements and uses a best effort approach to respond quickly to customer requests.

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