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Professional Services

Services to help members build high performance threat intelligence programs

Workflow Service

The Workflow Service (WS) helps organizations to more quickly operationalize their threat intelligence programs and relevant tools, enabling them to make more informed and expedient decisions on security incidents.

  • Tailors the use of Anomali solutions to the client’s unique environment
  • Quickly creates new or augments existing security processes, including a data model for use by client staff
  • Provides continuous updates to workflows as infrastructure and solutions evolve
  • Provides additional training on Anomali solutions using the client’s customized processes
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Workflow Service

RFI Service

This subscription service extends client and staff expertise and resource capabilities through Requests for Information (RFI). These requests can include any of the following topics:

Triage Tasks

  • Basic review/research of malware
  • Basic research on cyber threat news
  • Sources of credential exposures
  • Context surrounding indicators of interest
  • Analysis of actors/campaignst

Analysis Tasks

  • Advanced malware analysis and creation of associated signatures
  • Advanced research efforts on cyber threat news and industry bulletins
  • Detailed investigation into campaigns, actors, and incidents
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RFI Service

Domain Monitoring Service

Malicious actors use domains similar to the organization's domain to try and compromise users via phishing or other social engineering means. This service uses a proprietary algorithm and a combination of seasoned security analysts to proactively detect suspicious domain registrations. Customers are notified of newly generated domains in ThreatStream within one to four hours, enabling them to take action to secure their infrastructure.

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Bad Domain

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