Anomali Earns Frost and Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Threat Intelligence Management Platforms

Anomali Earns Frost and Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Broadening their Command of the Threat Intelligence Management Market to Deliver Comprehensive Threat Detection and Response

“Keeping up with market trends has certainly paid off for Anomali – the different information inputs have allowed it to make a key strategic move: expanding its TIP to encompass a broader Extended Detection and Response (XDR) focus. Anomali’s ThreatStream, a cloud-native SaaS offering, is the market-leading TIP/threat intelligence management solution.” - Clara Dello Russo, Research Analyst

Anomali is proud and honored to earn Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Global Market Leadership Award in the Threat Intelligence Platforms industry. Anomali was recognized for being at the forefront of innovation and growth, extending its market leadership in threat intelligence to meet the growing challenges of extended threat detection and response.

The challenges within the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) space continue to grow. And with that growth, there is an increased need for intelligence-driven solutions that can meet the demands of other parts of the cybersecurity market. We saw the evolution of the threat landscape as an opportunity for us to expand and take advantage of our strengths and the power of our platform.

Seven years ago, we recognized that organizations needed a way to collect, aggregate, analyze and operationalize threat intelligence, which led to the development of Anomali ThreatStream, a leading enterprise threat intelligence platform (TIP). Shortly thereafter, we introduced Anomali Match, opening new opportunities for our customers to optimize intelligence by immediately matching internal threats against external threats.

This resulted in The Anomali Platform, an integrated cloud native offering that collects and manages unlimited levels of threat data. The Anomali Platform enables investigations, empowers internal threat detection by matching it against all telemetry, and ultimately helps to power faster response by operationalizing intelligence across security infrastructures.

At its foundation, our approach aims to close the gap against adversaries by continuously correlating all telemetry with the largest repository of global intelligence to optimize security ecosystems. We introduced The Anomali Platform, a cloud-native solution focused on intelligence-driven threat detection and response. The Anomali platform is unique in that it applies the power of big data, machine learning, and AI to identify and intercept attackers in real time.

The Anomali Platform is comprised of:

  • Anomali ThreatStream: Threat intelligence management that automates the collection and processing of raw data and transforms it into actionable threat intelligence for security teams.
  • Anomali Match: Fueled by big data, this threat detection engine helps organizations quickly identify threats in real-time by automatically correlating ALL security telemetry against active threat intelligence to expose known and unknown threats.
  • Anomali Lens: This powerful natural language processing engine extension helps operationalize threat intelligence by automatically scanning web-based content to identify relevant threats and streamline the lifecycle of researching and reporting on them.

With this single cloud-native platform approach, customers can leverage common platform capabilities through a single sign-on experience instead of combining multiple systems to manage in silos. Shared cloud capabilities include:

  • High-performance indicator correlation at a rate of 190 trillion EPS.
  • Appliance and cloud to cloud-based ingestion of any security control telemetry.
  • Global intel management across open, commercial, and proprietary sources.

And we continue to innovate with a focus of helping our customers move from reactive to proactive security. Our vision is to further empower business leaders to drive more effective and efficient security operations at scale enabling them to maximize their return on security investments while accelerating their digital transformation needs.

Working with our customers we recently introduced solutions they need to defend against cyber attacks. This includes:

  • For Cyber Fusion and SOC teams: A proprietary Attack Surface Assessment that will survey and report on an organization’s exposed attack surface in the current environment.
  • For Intelligence teams: Premium Digital Risk Protection that delivers phishing detection, brand monitoring, fraud protection, rogue app identification, and leaked credentials monitoring.
  • For security teams: Integrated automation that improves analysts’ efficiency, reducing 20% or more of full-time employee (FTE) tasks.

Recognition by Frost and Sullivan of Anomali’s world class performance in threat intelligence and our mission of continuous innovation within the cyber security industry to effectively address new challenges is highly regarded.

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