November 8, 2022
Ahmed Rubaie, CEO

Modernize Your Security Operations & Reduce Cost

<h4 class="mb-4" style="text-align: center;"><em>“Anomali delivers a breakthrough to the alphabet soup of SIEM, SOAR, Intelligence &amp; XDR at a fraction of the cost”</em></h4> <h2>Doing Business Today</h2> <p>In good or tough macroeconomic environments, security efficacy should be delivered with efficiency and a positive impact on earnings per share.</p> <p>CIOs and CISOs tell us that their overarching deliverable is to amplify the visibility of their security controls and enrich the visibility with actioned context to stop adversaries and attackers. Easier said than done due to the scale and performance of the underlying technology and because the cost to deliver optimal visibility has been simply inhibitive.</p> <p>Security operations are growing more complex and need to be modernized while rationalizing cost.</p> <p>The Anomali Platform delivers breakthrough levels of security visibility use cases while lowering cost and then applying the best democratized actioned intelligence to stop the adversaries —with automation at the heart of everything that we do.</p> <p>Our breakthrough is your consolidation and optimization of the alphabet soup of SIEM, SOAR, Intelligence, XDR, and the next-generation versions of the same. Indebted to my partner and founder Hugh Njemanze (aka Silicon Valley’s father of SIEM and Visibility) for tirelessly evolving and optimizing our vision to help our customers and the broader community of peers and partners beat the bad guys.</p> <h2>Background</h2> <p>Security operations are challenged with talent scarcity and rising costs to deal with a changing threat landscape (including ransomware), growing (often uncontrolled) attack surface, higher volume and complexity of security alerts, growing adoption of public cloud services, and keeping up with their business challenges in a more digital world.</p> <p>CIOs and CISOs have appropriately invested in comprehensive security controls (Endpoint, Network, Cloud, Email, Identity, Patching, etc.) and yet lack orchestrated visibility across the stack with the necessary forensic lookback (up to seven years in some cases). Most of the security controls do not talk to each other and along with growing cloud logs results in mega growth of telemetry terabytes.</p> <p>To date, the technology that attempts to solve the big data problem traverses the alphabet soup of SIEM, SOAR, Intelligence, XDR, and the next-generation versions of the same. The challenge continues to be scale, performance, and democratized actioned intelligence. And it is just too costly.</p> <p>Hugh Njemanze long ago declared: “Visibility is crucial to the digitized enterprise. Back in the day, we started ArcSight to help address that problem with telemetry. Years later, despite the advent of next-gen SIEMs, SOARs, and various claims to XDR, it is still not commercially feasible to attain full visibility. That is the first step required in security operations and it is simply inhibited by cost. At Anomali, we ingest all telemetries and with proprietary technology, we do it at an affordable cost. This is essential to empowering modern businesses to unlock their true potential and what I had in mind in building the first SIEM.”</p> <h2>Solution: Modernize and Scale at a Lower Cost</h2> <p>At Anomali, we help our customers modernize their security operations by building a scalable foundation to deliver better and more relevant visibility while orchestrating and automating the rest of the security tech stack. We also help our customers move from a reactive baseline to a more proactive delivery of security.</p> <p>Some of our long-time XDR customers are now using The Anomali Platform to drive broader business insights. It’s an infinite game and we will continue building the latest innovations in cloud, AI and ML, big data, intelligence, and automation.</p> <p>Given the economic and geo-political challenges, we are working tirelessly with our customers to modernize their security operations with an emphasis on reducing their costs. We have been humbled with accolades for offering until the end of the year free proprietary attack surface and premium digital risk protection solutions – all rooted in democratized actioned intelligence.</p> <p>Please reach out and let us know how we can help you.</p>

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