February 25, 2022
Ahmed Rubaie, CEO

Prevent Ransomware with New Capabilities from Anomali

<p>In these uncertain times, ransomware attacks are only increasing, and Anomali is highly focused on helping CIOs and CISOs of enterprise businesses across the globe along with our federal government and other government agencies. This is an infinite journey against the bad guys, and we must all work together with all hands-on deck.</p> <p>Today, organizations employ defense-in-depth strategies to stop attacks. And while siloed security control points are effective at stopping most attacks before infection, the challenge is to stop ransomware attacks that typically evade protection. With The Anomali Platform, your XDR solution, you can correlate globally identified ransomware attacks with your security telemetry (including public clouds), to discover the threats that are not detected by others. This enables you to proactively detect and respond, and ultimately reduce the risk of falling victim to ransomware attacks.</p> <p>Here is how we can help you and the ecosystem:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Global Situational Awareness.</strong> Even before being hit, CISOs must have the global situational awareness needed to understand the prevalence of these threats in the wild and the impact these threat actors have on their business, industry, and geography. The Anomali Platform attack trending dashboards provides security professionals the vital information they need to assess the threat of an impending attack.</li> <li><strong>Stop The Initial Access.</strong> With a precision detection solution like the Anomali Platform, you can detect any malware. In the case of ransomware, this includes the ability to identify the first spear phishing access attempt by correlating messaging security telemetry together with all globally identified malicious links. Additionally, with an integrated sandbox capability, you can automate the inspection of suspicious emails through safe detonation and identification of attack indicators. Once identified, The Anomali Platform provides an analyst with the ability to review an attack and then respond by automatically updating security controls to block further infection.</li> <li><strong>Stop the Attack.</strong> Precision detection provided by the Anomali Platform enables you to detect any ransomware in your environment on the first infected endpoint and to then automatically update endpoint security policies to block future threats. Because of our proprietary technology, you can correlate all endpoint telemetry including public clouds with the largest repository of global intelligence. The Anomali Platform has recently been proven to catch Emotet attacks beyond what’s currently available in the ecosystem of security software.</li> <li><strong>Stop the Communication.</strong> The Anomali Platform machine learning Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) capability allows an analyst to quickly identify suspicious command and control connections associated with ransomware and all its variants. Additionally, C2 communication is easily detected by correlating all network traffic flow with global intelligence to return an accurate verdict. Using the Anomali Platform, an analyst can update perimeter and cloud security policies to block this communication.</li> <li><strong>Stop the payload.</strong> At this point in the ransomware attack, an analyst will have enough correlated intelligence on the threat actor and the attack pattern to predict what is going to happen next. An analyst can use the Anomali Platform to predict the inevitable next stage of a multi-stage ransomware attack. Once again, the analyst can easily automate the response by disseminating high-fidelity indicators to security controls, protecting the organization from ransomware and all its variants.</li> </ul> <p>The Anomali Platform, our XDR solution, is a big data security offering that correlates all your organization’s telemetry (including public clouds) together with the largest repository of global threat intelligence, providing you with the power to detect and respond to ransomware at all stages of the attack. We are focused on differentiated use cases that will help you optimize the efficacy of your security efficiently, while detecting a new dimension of global attackers not previously seen.</p> <p>With Anomali, you don’t just stop the attack, you stop the attacker. All of us must work together and we are keen to see the advent of more collaborative community effort against the bad guys. Anomali is here to help.</p>

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