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We're pleased to announce a major update to STAXX with version 2.3, which includes our brand new Anomali Limo service - a collection of free threat intelligence feeds. We're also pleased to announce Anomali Forum - a discussion board focused on cybersecurity and threat intelligence.

Anomali Limo

Since we launched STAXX back in November we knew it was a great tool for accessing and sharing threat indicators from a known site, particularly STIX/TAXII providers. In 2.3 we wanted to provide out-of-the-box feeds for users who might not have access to any other intelligence sources. STAXX now integrates Anomali Limo - a free, preconfigured collection of threat feeds. You can find Limo in the Settings -> Sites. Here you can select which feeds you want to collect, how many days of past history to download, and the frequency.

Anomali STAXX Limo sites
Anomali Limo is preconfigured under Settings -> Sites

Anomali STAXX Limo feeds
Limo includes a set of free intelligence feeds

We'll be enhancing Limo with additional feeds over time - so stay tuned for updates.

If you're running STAXX and have auto-update turned on, you should already be upgraded to 2.3. If you need to download a fresh copy of STAXX, you can always get it here:

Anomali Forum

Anomali Forum is a discussion board focused on cybersecurity and threat intelligence. Here you’ll find discussions on latest security threats, ability to chat within trusted circles, and discuss and share feedback on specific Anomali products. Forum is fully integrated with Anomali products - so you can just use your existing login to access Forum.

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