The Evolution of Anomali: How Anomali’s ThreatStream has evolved into delivering a differentiated approach to XDR | Anomali

As a cybersecurity innovator, Anomali’s founder, Hugh Njemanze, looks at an unsolved problem through the combined lens of technical, business and end user requirements.

When he founded Anomali, then called ThreatStream, he saw a critical need to make threat intelligence relevant and ultimately actionable. Hugh has continued to apply his entrepreneurial approach, now delivering a big data solution that helps security teams quickly understand threats, determine the impact, and respond quickly to solve for the extended detection and response needs of the business.

Hugh recently joined Mitch Ashley at RSA 2022 to discuss Anomali’s intelligence-driven extended detection and response (XDR) cybersecurity solutions.

Listen as Hugh discusses how the early days of SIEMs and Anomali’s ThreatStream has culminated in an offering that is now focused on delivering a differentiated approach to XDR.

You’ll hear more about:

  • Why threat intelligence is a key component of an in-depth security program
  • Why organization's need to gain a better understanding of what adversaries are doing and their intent
  • Hugh’s thoughts on what XDR is and should be
  • How XDR breaks down silos and ties information about attacks and attackers together

Before XDR was XDR, we were extending the ability to collect and manage unlimited levels of threat data, making it available for investigations, enabling internal threat detection by matching it against all telemetry, and ultimately helping to power faster response by operationalizing intelligence across security infrastructures.

Hugh Njemanze

Today - Anchored by big data management and refined by artificial intelligence, The Anomali Platform, a differentiated XDR solution, delivers unique proprietary capabilities that correlates the largest repository of global intelligence with telemetry from customer-deployed security solutions. This combination empowers security operations teams to detect threats with precision, optimize response, achieve resiliency and ultimately stop attackers and breaches.

Listen to the interview and read Hugh’s blog to learn more.

Learn more about XDR.



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