September 7, 2023
Dan Ortega

The Smarter Path Beyond Legacy SIEMs

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Security teams have long relied on traditional SIEM solutions as a core element of their cyber defense posture. But limited storage, slow query times, and expensive and complex licensing increasingly constrain legacy SIEMs as an effective defense in today's threat landscape. Rapid data growth leads to exclusions that open blind spots in your attack surface. Furthermore, most SIEMS lack contextual awareness or intelligent correlation to reveal the full scope of attacks.

These limitations become acute during investigations when analysts need to query across months or years of history. Traditional SIEMs often can't scan such wide time horizons when a response is needed in minutes. This leads to missed links between events, incomplete understanding of compromises, and security gaps.

Meanwhile, legacy SIEMs carry exorbitant price tags, often scaling into the millions annually for licenses, storage, and support. Much of this pays for unneeded complexity rather than security outcomes, leading to a growing disconnect between costs and value delivered.

Fortunately, Anomali is introducing a next-gen alternative that modernizes SIEM capabilities. This approach delivers:

  • Instant access to all historical data for threat hunting. Lightning-fast searches across petabytes of logs in seconds.
  • Attack surface modeling for enterprise-wide visibility. Asset discovery, vulnerability scans, and config data are integrated into a single contextual view.
  • Automated correlation of threats across environments. Links global IOCs with internal security events to uncover stealthy attacks.
  • Real-time updates on threats at operational and executive levels. Customizable dashboards spanning security operations to the boardroom.
  • Affordable pricing starting at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems. Lower TCO by an order of magnitude compared to traditional SIEMs.

This modern architecture provides the speed, scale, and integration needed for data-driven security. It supercharges detection and response while streamlining workflows. Analyst productivity is unleashed to focus on high-value tasks instead of spending days separating signal from noise.

With enterprise-tailored pricing, it finally brings SIEM capabilities within reach of mid-size players. The value delivered far outweighs the costs, freeing up budgets for other security initiatives.

In today's threat landscape, aging SIEMs are a risky liability. Slow hunt times and blind spots introduced by data exclusion leave the door open to breaches. Resource-constrained security teams need every advantage in detection speed, visibility, and productivity.

By adopting next-gen platforms purpose-built for security in the 2020s, organizations can realize order-of-magnitude improvements. This will accelerate threat disruption, reduce dwell times, and minimize business impact of compromises. The choice is clear for CISOs looking to modernize their security foundations.

To learn more about retiring legacy SIEMs for faster threat detection and response, contact us today. We're ready to demo our solution tailored to your use cases and infrastructure.

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