December 1, 2015
Colby DeRodeff

Understanding the Value of Threat Intelligence

<p>As a security director, you have the great responsibility of securing your company’s network. There are several tools available to help you in this endeavor, and threat intelligence is one of them. But what exactly is threat intelligence, how can it help you, and is it worth the cost? Let’s take a look.</p><p><strong>What Exactly is Threat Intelligence?</strong></p><p>Threat intelligence, sometimes also referred to as cyber threat intelligence, is a form of security that pools resources.  It is more than just a buzzword—it is becoming the single most effective and popular form of cyber attack prevention. Cyber threat intelligence takes all of your data and incorporates data from outside sources to create a vast resource of information.</p><p><a href=""><strong>Threat intelligence is a huge advantage</strong></a> as it provides you with relevant, up-to-the minute information that enables you to identify a potential threat or attack before it occurs. Using information from many sources as opposed to just your on-premise security gives you the edge you need against cyber attacks.</p><p><strong>Why Do I Need It?</strong></p><p>Having a lot of data to sift through can actually slow you down. Threat intelligence provides you with predictive information so you can know when the next attack will likely occur and prevent a breach. Cyber threat intelligence helps strengthen the relationship of the security team and the organization as a whole. The high-level security data can be presented to other members of the organization, such as the executive team, in a timely manner and in language that can be easily understood and responded to.</p><p>If a tool exists that can make your job more efficient and your company more secure against cyber threats, why wouldn’t you use it?</p><p><strong>The Cost of Threat Intelligence</strong></p><p>The cost of adopting a threat intelligence protocol is off-set by its many advantages. As a proactive solution, threat intelligence lets you make the most of your security team and their valuable time. And, as we all know, time is money. Responding to timely, quality information—rather than reacting to raw data—secures your network and prevents downtime. Furthermore, threat intelligence can save you even more money by preventing financial security breaches.</p><p><strong>Taking the Next Step</strong></p><p>Once you have recognized the value and importance of a threat intelligence solution, it is time to take the next step—development and implementation. First, it is important to research and find the right threat intelligence partner to help you through the steps: assessment, centralization, enrichment, collaboration, and intelligence injection. <a href=""><strong>ThreatStream</strong></a> offers the most comprehensive, end-to-end threat intelligence platforms that cover the entire lifecycle of threat intelligence—from acquisition to solutions.</p><p>A professional threat intelligence solution will identify potential threats and insert information directly into your existing security strategies. This collaborative approach lets you maximize the security resources available, increasing the value to your company. The <a href=""><strong>ThreatStream</strong></a> platform is designed to integrate seamlessly into your organization, allowing your team—from the CSO to the managers to the analysts—to work efficiently with the highest quality data available.</p>

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