The Anomali Team

Erick Ingleby
Head of Product
Leadership Team
Board Member

Erick Ingleby is distinguished in the cybersecurity domain, with a career spanning over two decades building enterprise security products, marked by the development of groundbreaking products and strategies that have reshaped the industry. With a solid foundation in security principles honed during his time in the United States Air Force, Erick has consistently applied a meticulous approach to cybersecurity, embodying his philosophy that "excellence is an art of inches," where meticulous attention to detail culminates in significant, industry-changing outcomes.

Before joining Anomali as Head of Product, Erick guided both large-scale and early-stage start-up cybersecurity organizations through critical growth phases, showcasing his adeptness at scaling operations and enhancing product offerings. His leadership in these varied environments highlights a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in diverse corporate landscapes.

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