December 16, 2015
Joe Franscella

STIX/TAXII Hacks: 4 Things You Need to Know

<p>If your organization is thinking about implementing a STIX/TAXII data sharing protocol, there is a lot to consider. Here we take a look at what your security analysts need to know.</p><p><strong>First Things First</strong></p><p>STIX (Structured Threat Information eXpression) and TAXII (Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information) are considered emerging standards that enable cyber threat data to be shared in different ways between products, people, and organizations. These automated standards for describing and exchanging cyber threat information have been widely endorsed and adopted by the public and private sectors. And, there are several excellent security products, such as <strong><a href="">ThreatStream Integrator</a></strong>, that allow you to implement STIX/TAXII into your existing or new security protocols.</p><p><strong>Sharing is Caring</strong></p><p>Although the concept of threat data sharing has been on the horizon for a while, the process has not always been smooth or consistent. Since it is essentially impossible for one entity to detect all cyber threats, information sharing is a smart approach to help defeat hackers. The downside is that without standardization, it can be clunky and cumbersome. This is where community-driven approaches like STIX and TAXII come in. By regulating the formats, standards, and language of security they allow real-time threat data to be shared more efficiently and more effectively.</p><p><strong>Why Integration Is Important</strong></p><p>Think of integration like a cyber security octopus with each tentacle representing a security protocol. Integration takes data from each tentacle, puts it in the same language, and sends it to the octopus’s brain, which represents your cyber intelligence epicenter.</p><p>Integrating STIX/TAXII with your existing security solution means you can connect servers and pull information to and from them in an appropriate format. It simplifies and automates the arduous task of culling threat intelligence from various sources. And, <strong><a href="">ThreatStream Integrator's</a></strong> easy-to-use, interactive dashboards facilitate visualization, in-depth analysis, and advanced searches.</p><p><strong>The Bottom Line</strong></p><p>Using STIX/TAXII allows you to detect and share critical information with the cybersecurity community. Integrating in with an integration program brings the efficacy of these protocols to the next level, enabling easy-to-read data, visualization, and intelligence sharing. If you are ready to join the information-sharing community, <strong><a href="">contact us</a></strong> today and find out how our solutions can keep you one step ahead of the hackers.</p><p>To learn more about ThreatStream Integrator and STIX/TAXII, <strong><a href="" target="_blank">download our free datasheet</a></strong>.</p>

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