Executing the Security Mission: 3 Grips, 2 Key resources, 1 Copilot unleashing Elite Performance

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Transformational approaches to security essentially boils down to one word: GRIP. This webinar will examine GRIP delivered across 3 key areas: Threat Landscape, Security Posture & Actualized Threats.

Many organizations operate with just one area of GRIP properly enabled or have them operating as independent silos. However it is when all 3 areas of GRIP operate as an amplifying cycle that the security organization can truly transform and deliver unparalleled value.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how to rapidly manage and act against actualized threats as they surface from your environment.
  • Gain an actionable understanding of understanding and managing the complexity associated with maintaining a robust security posture in an constantly evolving threat landscape. 
  • Walk through the risks and rewards associated with transformational security initiatives - with practical and actionable recommendations. 

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