Threat Hunting Today: AI's Role, Organizational Readiness, and the Path to Cyber Resilience

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Threat Hunting & Intelligence Panel Discussion

In a rapidly evolving world, proactive threat hunting is pivotal in pre-incident preparedness. But how can organizations overcome the lack of speed and agility before and during an incident due to the enormous scope and scale of information and the complexity of modern hybrid environments?

This panel featured Steve Benton, VP of Threat Research, and Ali Haidar, Chief Adoption Officer from Anomali, and industry experts from Corelight. Key topics of discussion included:

  • Pre-Incident Cyber Preparedness: Strategies and tactics that fortify an organization’s defenses before an attack and how these activities contribute to cyber resilience.
  • AI and Threat Hunting: How AI augments threat hunting before and during an incident.
  • Strategic Response During an Attack: Tactics that ensure a swift response, harnessing threat hunting capabilities to match attackers’ speed during an incident.

Watch the panel discussion to hear more about artificial intelligence from our industry experts.

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