Unseen Dangers: Navigating the Cybersecurity Risks of Dark Data

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The Future is Data-Driven—Organizations Must Comprehend the Confluence of Threat Intelligence, Dark Data, and AI

In today’s cyber landscape, dark data has emerged as an intricate challenge, accentuated by the untapped potential of threat intelligence. While copious amounts of threat intelligence are at organizations’ disposal, many find themselves ill-equipped with the security tools needed to harness this vital information, relegating essential insights to the realm of dark data. 

In this webinar, Erick Ingleby, VP of Product Management at Anomali, delves into vital technological advancements that empower organizations to embark on threat hunting within the vast expanses of dark data. Furthermore, attendees will benefit from invaluable insights drawn from real-world experiences, shedding light on practical applications, challenges faced, and strategies employed by industry veterans. 

Key discussion points:

  • Untapped Potential & Challenges: Understand the intricacies of dark data in the cybersecurity landscape, the immense potential of threat intelligence, and the challenges organizations face due to financial constraints and rapid data proliferation.
  • Technological Advancements for Threat Hunting: Dive into the latest technological advancements, including AI and EDR systems, that facilitate effective threat hunting within the vast confines of dark data.
  • Real-World Insights: Learn about practical applications, challenges, and strategies industry professionals employ in navigating the complexities of dark data and threat intelligence.

Navigate this evolving landscape and harness the intelligence wave while mitigating the expansive shadows of dark data silos.

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