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451 Research: Anomali Puts a New Lens on Threat Intelligence

<h2>Anomali Re-Brands Key Products and Introduces a New Offering for Correlating Threat Intelligence with Web Content</h2> <p> </p> <p>A seemingly unending thirst for information has characterized the information security (infosec) market in recent years. It’s not raw data that security organizations need; they are often overwhelmed with the volume and can ill afford putting precious expertise on problems that technology can solve. Turning insight into action is key to driving security response and, increasingly, supporting strategic decisions.</p> <p>Anomali has maintained a solid footing, and recently, it introduced new innovations to further the actionability of threat intelligence, including Anomali Lens, which harnesses natural language processing (NLP) to correlate threat intelligence with web content.</p> <p>Anomali has an advantage in both well-established partnerships and a solid customer base in a primary area of focus for putting cyber threat intel (CTI) to work. Its opportunity – as well as its challenge – is to maintain its distinctions if it is to navigate the growing penetration of both CTI and analytics across the infosec market.</p> <p>Get the full report.</p>

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