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The CyberWire, Dave Bittner | March 31, 2023

A glimpse into Mr. Putin’s cyber war room. 3CXDesktopAppsupply chain risk. XSS flaw in Azure SFX can lead to remote code execution. AlienFox targets misconfigured servers.

The Vulkan papers offer a glimpse into Mr. Putin’s cyber war room. The 3CXDesktopApp vulnerability and supply chain risk. A cross site scripting flaw in Azure Service Fabric Explorer can lead to remote code execution. Rob Boyce from Accenture Security on threats toEV charging stations. Our guest is Steve Benton from Anomali…

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Help Net Security, Staff | March 30, 2023

Anomali and Canon IT join forces to combat zero-day threats

Anomali and Canon IT Solutions have announced the availability of the Canon IT Solutions “Threat Intelligence Platform,” a security operations service that operationalizes threat intelligence to better detect and respond to attacks.

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DarkReading, Steve Benton | March 29, 2023

The CISO Mantra: Get Ready to Do More With Less

For the foreseeable future, with the spigots closing shut, CISOs will need to find ways to do more with less.

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Techstrong.TV, Mike Vizard | March 14, 2023

Techniques and Tactics of Cybercriminals – Steve Benton, Anomali

Steve Benton, vice president of threat research for Anomali, dives into the techniques and tactics that cybercriminals are employing to launch cyberattacks more efficiently than ever.

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SC Media, Steve Benton | March 8, 2023

Time to make it tougher for attackers to use social engineering to enter DevOps environments

When LastPass disclosed late last year that an “unauthorized party” had found a way to access customer data stored in a third-party cloud service shared by LastPass and its parent company, the breach set off alarm bells in the popular press.

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Venture Beat, Victor Dey | January 23, 2023

Defending against a growing botnet and DDoS epidemic in 2023

As technology continues to advance, so do the methods of cyberattackers. Malicious actors, such as lone hackers, criminal gangs, hacktivists and state actors, employ various techniques to disrupt or disable target systems, which range from small and large businesses to nation-states.

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Beta News, Ian Baker | January 20, 2023

Why a bigger budget isn’t necessarily the key to good cybersecurity [Q&A]

Cyberattacks are expected to reach historic levels this year, in both volume and sophistication, yet many organizations are reducing their 2023 cybersecurity budgets.

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Solutions Review, Scott Dowsett | January 19, 2023

Strong Security: Knowing What Assets You Need to Protect

News flash: CISOs are only human. We try to be strategic, but the fact is that it’s easy to get distracted by the fire drill du jour– whether that comes in the form of a new product to incorporate into the networking infrastructure or a new security threat to repel. The nature of the profession is such that we’re…

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Venture Beat, Victor Dey | January 6, 2023

Why cloud observability will be critical in 2023

The cloud is an ever-growing technology domain that provides numerous advantages over traditional server-based systems and computing capabilities. The shift toward cloud-based architectures has been attractive for many organizations due to its various benefits, such as increased flexibility, efficiency and performance, and the…

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