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IT Security Guru

March 2, 2020  |  IT Security Guru, Ridley Joel

Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform

Anomali weaponizes your cyber security teams by providing all the intelligence they need to detect, assess and mitigate threats.   
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Government Technology

February 28, 2020  |  Government Technology, Lucas Ropek

RSA 2020: Cyber Pros Talk How to Track and Fight Hackers

Much funding and effort is spent on hardening cyberdefenses, but what about hunting down the people responsible and understanding their methods so as to prevent future attacks? At RSA 2020, experts weighed in.
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February 3, 2020  |  SecurityWeek, AJ Nash

Elevate Your Intelligence Game

Over the past five years, Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) has become one of the fastest growing elements in the cybersecurity space. Gartner expects as much as $2.3 billion to spent on it by 2023. Across the globe, private industry has moved from a nearly complete lack of understanding of the differences between...
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January 31, 2020  |  SecurityWeek, AJ Nash

With Intelligence, Fans, Businesses and NFL Can Remain Protected Against Cyber Threats

In the sports arena, the cyber and physical worlds are converged. The NFL and Super Bowl offer excellent examples of how laced together the two are. Last year, viewers streamed the Super Bowl across 7.5 million mobile devices. The NFL app has been downloaded more than 50 million times on...
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CISO Series

January 16, 2020  |  CISO Series, David Spark

Defense in Depth: The Iran Cybersecurity Threat

The Iran conflict has threatened new retaliations and we don’t know where they’re going to come from. Cyber retaliation is a real possibility. Who’s being threatened and how should we prepare?Read More
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January 13, 2020  |  SecurityWeek, AJ Nash

Graduation Day: From Cyber Threat Intelligence to Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) has been a growing part of the cybersecurity industry for the past several years. Over-focus on this specific intelligence type may be undercutting the ROI that personnel and technologies used to manage CTI could be providing. Teams and solutions that are built for long-term success in...
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January 3, 2020  |  SecurityWeek, Eduard Kovacs

Iran May Respond With Cyberattacks to Killing of Qassem Soleimani

Iran’s response to the recent U.S. airstrike that killed Qassem Soleimani, a senior Iranian military commander, could include cyberattacks, and organizations should be prepared to prevent and respond to attacks, cybersecurity professionals have warned.General Qassem Soleimani led the Quds Force, an elite unit of the Iranian...
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December 13, 2019  |  isBuzzNews, Security Experts

New Phishing Campaign Targeting Gov’t Departments Around The World – Commentary From Email Security Expert

Researchers from Anomali discovered a new, mysterious phishing campaign that attempts to the steal login credentials from government departments from around the world. In total, the attacks have targeted at least 22 different organizations across North America, Europe and Asia.Read More
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December 13, 2019  |  TripWire, Dave Bisson

Government Procurement Services Targeted in Phishing Campaign

Researchers discovered a phishing campaign which attackers designed to harvest login credentials from government procurement services. According to Anomali Labs, malicious actors crafted their campaign to target various services used by public and private entities to match buyers and sellers of government services.Read More
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December 13, 2019  |  SiliconAngle, Duncan Riley

New phishing campaign targets government departments worldwide

A newly discovered phishing campaign is targeting government departments worldwide in what may be an attempt to gain information on government procurement services. Detailed today by security researchers at Anomali Inc., the campaign uses phishing emails specifically customized to target specific departments using information related to bidding...
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