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August 24, 2021  |  LinkedIn Pulse, John Gerzema

America This Week: Is The Worst Really Behind Us? Hacked Vaccine Passports, Spending Slows, Soft Skills, and Olympic Branding

In The Harris Poll fielded July 30th to August 1st, 2021 among 2,026 U.S. adults, we delve into the tempered optimism brought on by the Delta variant, the tech setbacks of digital vaccine passports, the tilt away from revenge spending, what’s catching hiring decision-makers eyes in applicants, and Olympic viewership and…
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August 20, 2021  |  InfoRisk Today, Soumik Ghosh

Aggah APT Group Targets Taiwan, South Korea

The Aggah advanced persistent threat group, believed to be of Pakistani origin, apparently was behind a recent spear-phishing campaign targeting manufacturing firms in Taiwan and South Korea, according to the Anomali Threat Research Team.
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August 16, 2021  |  Thompson Reuters, Staff

COVID–19 Data Privacy Global News Coverage

Anomali, the leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, recently published its latest survey conducted by The Harris Poll. More than 2,000 adults in the U.S. and 1,000 in the U.K. revealed their cybersecurity fears related to COVID-19 digital vaccination cards.
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August 13, 2021  |  ThreatPost, Elizabeth Montalbano

WordPress Sites Abused in Aggah Spear-Phishing Campaign

The threat group Aggah, believed to be affiliated with Pakistan and first identified in March 2019, is delivering the RAT in a campaign aimed at spreading malware to manufacturing companies in Taiwan and South Korea, according to new research from threat detection and response security firm Anomali.
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August 9, 2021  |  The Cyberwire, Staff

Monitoring remote workers. Child protection update. Social media in wiretap warrants. Data breaches. Unemployment account hijacking. Vaccine passports.

Health IT Security reports that, after surveying over two thousand Americans and one thousand British individuals, an Anomali/Harris poll shows that 75% of Americans and Brits fear a digital vaccination card could be a threat to their privacy. Concerns include identity theft, smartphone hacking, and data breaches.
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August 9, 2021  |  InfoSecurity Magazine, Sarah Coble

Virtual Vaccination Card Prompts Cybersecurity Fears

Cybersecurity company Anomali teamed up with The Harris Poll to question more than 2,000 Americans and 1,000 Brits aged over 18 on how they would feel about using COVID-19 digital vaccine cards, should they become a requirement for participating in activities like traveling, in-person learning, attending sporting events, and…
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August 7, 2021  |  Fortune, Katherine Dunn

‘It’s huge’: Inside the black market for counterfeit COVID vaccine passports

"Since the start of the pandemic, our threat intel analysts have detected thousands of pandemic-related cyberattacks," said AJ Nash, senior director of cyber intelligence strategy at Anomali, a cybersecurity company. "We’ve also seen dark web forums selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, test results, and…
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August 6, 2021  |  HealthIT Security, Lisa Gentes-Hunt

Patients Cite Privacy, Cybersecurity Fears with Vax Credentials

According to the poll, a total of 80% of Americans and 76% of those in the UK have cybersecurity concerns related to COVID-19 digital vaccination cards. Of those cyber concerns, identity theft is the highest on the list for both US and UK adults. Those polled also cited fake vaccine cards being used to hack smartphones, and data…
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July 29, 2021  |  Fortune, Ruth Reader

Americans are afraid their vaccine passports could get hacked

80% of Americans are worried that getting a COVID-19 digital passport could put their personal data at risk, according to a recent Harris Poll conducted in collaboration with cybersecurity platform Anomali.
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July 22, 2021  | 

Anomali’s quarterly update empowers users to optimize and speed incident response

Anomali announced the availability of its quarterly portfolio update. New capabilities expand visibility for security operations analysts over a wider range of relevant threat intelligence and critical asset data, enable more precise threat detection, and empower users to optimize and speed incident response. This new release…