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Broaden and deepen your offering with Anomali’s comprehensive threat intelligence platform

Anomali understands the critical role that Managed Security Service Providers play for a wide range of businesses, and is committed to investing heavily in MSSPs as a way of expanding the accessibility, scope, and effectiveness of security through optimized threat intelligence.

What success looks like for Anomali MSSP Partners

Financial benefits

  • Significant value gained by driving backend efficiency through enhanced automation
  • Enriched intelligence that shows proof of value to customers

Business development benefits

  • Be the first to let a customer know when their brand has been abused – establishing deep trust
  • Demonstrate an uncommon level of marketplace expertise – resulting in a competitive edge
  • Improved context and reporting leads to expanded servicing opportunities, such as penetration tests and consulting
  • Drive renewals and secure new business

Yes! I want to apply to become an Anomali MSSP Partner.

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Anomali’s family of MSSP partners