February 8, 2018

Anomali and Treadstone 71 Announce Platform and Training Partnership

Provider of threat management and collaboration solutions to provide cybersecurity students and professionals access to powerful cyberintelligence software

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.-February 8, 2018- Anomali, the leading provider of threat management and collaboration solutions, and Treadstone 71, which delivers cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, infiltration, clandestine cyber HUMINT, OSINT training and analysis, today announced a partnership to deliver cyber and threat intelligence information and training. Anomali is providing opt-in ThreatStream access to all Treadstone 71 students as part of the Treadstone 71 Cyber Intelligence Training package.

“Many of our customers ask for additional training and understanding of the intelligence process and lifecycle,” said Dan Barahona, chief marketing officer at Anomali. “The work that Treadstone 71 is doing to help educate both current cybersecurity professionals and industry veterans is vital to the health of the sector. No matter how you look at it, the best way to combat threats is to stay ahead of them. This relationship will allow us to provide an even wider customer base with the tools to do just that.”

Through the partnership, Treadstone 71 students will have the opportunity to use the Anomali ThreatStream platform, the industry leading threat intelligence platform that facilitates collection, data management, enrichment, normalization, analysis and sharing. Participants will be able to use the tool for class case studies and for up to 30 days thereafter. As part of the program, in a push to inspire cybersecurity professionals to continue threat education, students will also receive additional discounts to Treadstone 71 training during enrollment.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students,” said Jeff Bardin, chief intelligence officer for Treadstone 71. “Full access to ThreatStream will provide our students with a unique opportunity to learn with cutting edge tools. Our case studies use real-world targets, so having this powerful tool on hand in class will further assist students with building actionable intelligence to align indicators of compromise with adversaries and their tactics.”

Treadstone 71's Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification and Advisory Services are currently the gold standard in the industry. It is derived from both academia and from Treadstone 71 direct experience. Clients from both Anomali and Treadstone 71 cover the spectrum of Fortune 500 companies and stretch the globe.

About Anomali

Anomali delivers critical threat intelligence capabilities, allowing organizations to detect, investigate and respond to serious external threats. The company’s unmatched customer base spans all major verticals and includes partnerships with many ISACs and threat exchanges. Anomali integrates with internal infrastructure to identify new attacks, or search forensically over the past year to discover existing breaches, and enables security teams to quickly understand and contain threats. Anomali also offers STAXX, a free tool to collect and share threat intelligence, and provides a free, out of the box intelligence feed, Anomali Limo. To learn more, visit www.anomali.com and follow us on Twitter: @anomali and LinkedIn.

About Treadstone 71 LLC

Treadstone 71 ( https://www.treadstone71.com ), founded in 2002, a woman and veteran owned small business delivers cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, infiltration, clandestine cyber HUMINT, OSINT training and analysis, cyber psychological and high-value target acquisition operations. 71’s experience in building cyber intelligence programs at Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. For more information call (888) 714-0071 or email at info@treadstone71.com.