March 22, 2018

Anomali Announces Partnerships With State of Colorado and Multi-State ISAC, Creating a Comprehensive Network for Threat Sharing Across States

Newly published case study presents challenges, benefits and ideal architecture for intra-state and inter-state collaboration
Combined, the agreement will bring together more than 2,200 organizations and 55 jurisdictions

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--March 22, 2018--Anomali, the leading provider of threat management and collaboration solutions, announced today that it has partnered with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center® (MS-ISAC®) and Colorado Threat Intelligence Sharing Information Sharing and Analysis Center (CTIS-ISAC). The agreement will enable the organizations and their 2,200-plus members to benefit from bidirectional information sharing with more than 100 public and private sources. This latest ISAC partnership means that Anomali has agreements in place with more than a dozen national, industry-specific, governmental, and private sector ISACs.

“Anomali has been a tremendous partner with the MS-ISAC in its mission to improve the overall cyber security posture of the state, local, tribal and territorial government community. Anomali’s platform enables us to provide timely and actionable cyber threat information sharing, which is crucial to defending the nation’s critical infrastructure (CI). Colorado is a longtime partner of the MS-ISAC and we commend their efforts in leading information sharing initiatives throughout the state,” said Tom Duffy, SVP of Operations and Services, and Chair of the MS-ISAC.

Through this partnership, Anomali provides U.S. government entities at the state, county, local, tribal and territorial levels with high-quality, real-time threat intelligence, along with the ability to collaborate with other experts within the network. The MS-ISAC and CTIS-ISAC share similar goals to detect, manage and mitigate cyber threats across U.S. governing bodies before they become crises.

“We recognized the need to disseminate threat information throughout the State of Colorado, and for all our members to be able to share threat data as well,” said Rich Schliep, CISO of the State of Colorado. “We created CTIS and partnered with Anomali and the MS-ISAC to increase threat awareness and improve security for all participating organizations. With critical events such as state and federal elections coming up, it’s vital that state governments, their agencies and the private sector work together to protect our democracy.”

The threat organizations collaborated to produce a report, “Cyber security Challenges for State and Local Governments,” providing a case study and recommendations on state-level and cross-state threat sharing. The report is available for download at

“We have seen firsthand the value and benefits of close collaboration on cyber threats,” said Colby DeRodeff, Chief Strategy Officer of Anomali. “The State of Colorado has emerged as a true leader and role model for all states looking to embrace threat sharing. The partnership with the MS-ISAC provides a community of states to collaborate with each other. We are pleased to provide the technology and threat intelligence to enable government organizations to collaborate within and across states.”

To learn more and request access, visit the Anomali ISAC information pages:

• Colorado CTIS:

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