April 28, 2024

Anomali, the Leading Silicon Valley based AI-Powered Security Operations Platform Increases its Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a Wholly Owned Subsidiary and a Visionary Plan

Riyadh, KSA – April 28, 2024 – Anomali, the leading AI-Powered Security Operations Platform, today announced an increased investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), including setting up a local subsidiary there. Anomali provides critical cybersecurity solutions to many of the most critical public and private enterprise businesses in KSA.

Anomali is helping some of the largest enterprise customers in the world by consolidating and replacing their full stack of legacy security analytics technology, including ETL, SIEM, NG SIEM, XDR, SOAR and TIP. As an illustration, the company recently helped a global financial institution install Anomali Copilot and replace their legacy security analytics while reducing their cost from ~$10M to ~$5M per annum. Together with progressive global customers, Anomali is revolutionizing a different way of managing security.

As part of a global “Be Different” roadshow, and given the importance of the Kingdom to the company's business, Anomali CEO, Dr. Ahmed Rubaie is traveling from California and will be hosting a celebration event in Riyadh (April 29) with our partner StarLink (an Infinigate company) and Dammam (April 30) with our partner Cyberani (an Aramco digital company). In addition to announcing the increased local investment, Dr. Rubaie along with our local executive team and critical partners, will engage key stakeholders and security executives from across the oil and gas, banking, government, utilities, and telco sectors.

“The Kingdom is one of the fastest technology adopters in the world with an impressive agenda to digitize the way of life and optimize the best in artificial intelligence for more productivity. In tandem with this spectacular emphasis on innovation, comes a compounding increase in cyber threats, ” said Dr. Ahmed Rubaie, CEO, Anomali. “Our continued investment in Saudi Arabia is a proactive step towards fortifying critical infrastructure, businesses, and individuals against escalating cybersecurity risks. With the region’s geopolitical significance and swift digitization, there’s an urgent need for advanced security measures.”

Dr. Rubaie continued, “In 2024, security leaders must think differently and pivot towards more automation and more advanced security analytics to keep up with the demand of business and the macro. Anomali’s innovative approach places analysts at the forefront, offering unparalleled performance, user-friendly interfaces, and superior outcomes in protecting and driving their business — all at a fraction of the legacy costs. Given our cloud native DNA, we are well positioned to help our great customers in the kingdom in their cloud migration journey and plan to invest accordingly.”

About Anomali

Anomali is an AI-Powered Security Operations platform that is the first and only solution to bring together security operations and defense capabilities into one proprietary cloud-native, big data solution. At the center of it is the best-in-class omnipresent and intelligent Anomali Copilot that automates routine tasks and empowers teams to deliver the requisite risk insights. A recognized security analytics leader with the largest global repository of relevant intelligence, customers rely on Anomali to consolidate their tech stack and give them unprecedented speed, scale, and performance at a lower cost. Be Different. Be the Anomali. Learn more at www.anomali.com.  Anomali is a global company based in Silicon Valley and backed by Google Ventures, General Catalyst (GC), Institutional Venture Partners (IVP) and several other venture and growth equity investors.