July 30, 2020

Threat Intelligence Investment Provides Significant Economic and Security ROI, According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Study

Anomali Customers’ Productivity Gains, Fast Detection Capabilities, and Improved Security Yield a 233% Return on Investment in 11 Months, a Three-Year Savings of More than $3 Million

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — July 30, 2020 — Anomali, a leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, today announced availability of “Analyzing the Economic Benefits of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform,” a new Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Economic Validation Study. Among key findings were that Anomali customers received a return on investment of 233 percent over a payback period of 11 months, along with a $93,000 per month savings, earned through improved productivity, avoidance of risk, and value gained.

Anomali offers a suite of intelligence-driven security products to analyze, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats. According to ESG, Anomali customers receive significant savings and benefits in several security and economic categories:

  • Lower Operational Cost of Security Operations – Automation and orchestration capabilities coupled with well-designed and effective security tools and features give customers the ability to significantly streamline security operations and to make better use of their security resources.
  • Improved Security Effectiveness and Reduced Risk to the Organization – Customers report that Anomali helped to better arm their security teams and to operationalize security processes, making them more effective, while reducing the time needed to identify and remediate security issues.
  • Improved Security Operations Productivity and Satisfaction – Security professionals' productivity and satisfaction were improved through automation of repetitive tasks, freeing them to focus on higher value security operations. Skills are quickly improved, collaboration and visibility are improved, and synergetic value with other security products is amplified.

Additionally, ESG’s economic model predicts that when it came to specific cost benefits related to Anomali threat intelligence products and services, customers with security teams of 10 individuals saved as much as $3,369,000 during the course of three years, across several areas:

  • Overall Productivity — 58% improvement, leading to a savings of $969,000.
  • False Positives — 40% reduction, leading to a saving of $608,000.
  • Integration — $500,000 savings via the integration of premium feeds, services, training, and support into a single platform.
  • Breach Expenses — $1,292,000 in avoided costs due to a reduction in breaches.

“The threat intelligence market has become crowded over the past several years, filled with vendors that are eager to capitalize on demand for technologies that provide the ability to see, detect, and respond to adversaries,” said Aviv Kaufmann, Senior ESG Validation Analyst. “This economic study, based on customer feedback, reveals how Anomali has helped organizations to make threat intelligence investments that are measurable in terms of security efficacy and economic value.”

“When we helped launch the threat intelligence platform category in 2013, it was becoming well understood that it was important to know who the active adversaries are and how they operate. We’ve now entered into the market’s second phase, where enterprises in every industry recognize how critical threat intelligence has become,” said Hugh Njemanze, CEO, Anomali. “Just knowing that something is needed isn’t always enough to warrant a purchase. In the uncertain times we are living in, decision makers need to base investments on clear and substantiated metrics. This research demonstrates that our solutions have advanced our customers ability to leverage threat intelligence to a place where its use is justified through fully measurable and documented results.”

To read the full report, visit: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform

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