Anomali STAXX

Anomali STAXX™ gives you a free, easy way to subscribe to any STIX/TAXII feed. Simply download the STAXX client, configure your data sources, and STAXX will handle the rest.

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Built for Soltra users.

Anomali created STAXX to offer the Soltra Edge community a robust, supported and free solution that extends the vision of making threat intelligence easily accessed, integrated, and shared by everyone.

Key STAXX Capabilities

STAXX is built on the industry-leading Anomali ThreatStream threat intelligence platform, offering users:

  • Direct access to any STIX/TAXII feed
  • Simple on-premise install
  • Powerful search capability
  • STAXX online portal account

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Advanced Investigation Features

STAXX includes access to a powerful investigation portal:

  • Link from an IOC to detailed information in STAXX portal 
  • Identify threat Actors, Campaigns, TTPs
  • Discover associated IOCs
  • Access additional Anomali threat intelligence feeds