Identify vulnerabilities to secure your attack surface

Obtain a comprehensive view of your assets and attack surface to see what’s at risk, and the additional context needed to prioritize and fix any vulnerabilities.

Understand risks. Take immediate action.

Anomali’s Attack Surface Management proactively identifies exploitable risk by providing visibility into ALL external facing assets, managed or unmanaged (such as shadow IT). Anomali's ASM Solution connects an organization’s internal attack surface with its global threat landscape by combining all ingested security telemetry with the world’s largest global intelligence repository to minimize cyber risks and strengthen security postures.

Learn how to identify, prioritize, and address security risks quickly and effectively.

"Without Anomali there are so many threats that would have been missed, or taken far longer to identify and remediate. It has become a critical part of our security monitoring."

ESG Economic Validation: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform

View your attack surface through the eyes of an attacker

Gain a contextual inside-out (combined with Match Cloud) and outside-in view to see what’s exposed, how long they’ve been vulnerable, and if they’ve been compromised.

Inventory your digital footprint, including hardware, applications, software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments, cloud resources, websites, subdomains, IP addresses, social media accounts, and vendors’ infrastructures
Quickly identify the most desirable external assets in the eyes of an attacker
Prioritize the most at-risk assets for remediation and fix vulnerabilities proactively or when a major attack happens

Discover known and unknown assets and vulnerabilities

Gain insights and complete attack surface visibility to understand exposures and focus on the risks that matter most.

Uncover exposed and undetected internet-facing assets
Identify known and unknown digital assets that might be putting the organization at risk for attack
Perform on-demand and scheduled monitoring activities for continuous visibility into vulnerabilities

Prioritize efforts to minimize risks and increase efficiencies

Prioritize investigations and perform remediation of misconfigured assets by leveraging continuous discovery and real-time insights to understand risks and take action.

Gain the confidence to engage in digital transformation projects, knowing you’ll have visibility into potential attack vectors
Understand the who/what/how/when of an attack and the additional context needed to fix any vulnerabilities and close security gaps
Analyze data over time to determine patterns and changes in your digital attack surface between scans

Key capabilities

Improve asset visibility to avoid blind spots and unmanaged technology (including shadow IT).

Understand potential attack paths to prioritize security control deployment and configuration.

Integrate intelligence to gain context on attackers and the attack.

Risk-based scoring to assess exposures and prioritize activities.

Continuous monitoring for changes in your external surface that pose security risks.

Track historical attack surface changes and attacks up to several years.

Enhance your detection and response capabilities

Anomali makes organizations cyber-resilient with intelligence-powered extended detection capabilities that optimize incident response across security ecosystems.