Anomali Lens

Scale with security automation

Transform unstructured data into actionable intelligence with NLP. Translate machine data into executive and analyst insights with GPT. AI-powered human-machine interactions.

Drive security at the speed of AI.

Lens architecture

How customers use Lens

Scale security operations with the power of AI. Power analyst experience and efficiency.

Answer, “Am I affected?”

Use NLP to scan blogs and bulletins in seconds and hunt for indicators in years of data within minutes.

MITRE ATT&CK mapping

Automate MITRE mapping and visualization of threat data to improve efficacy.

Executive and analyst summaries

Transform raw intelligence into bulletins that inform business decisions.

Automate tagging and enrichment

Tag threat data with actors, malware, vulnerabilities, etc. to enrich research and investigations.

Continuous protection

Automate extraction and dissemination of threat info to security controls for proactive defense.
WHY Lens?

Key capabilities

Unstructured data to intel

Derive intel from unstructured data sources: blogs, docs, pdf, bulletins, etc.

Natural language processing

Go from blogs and docs to machine readable intel in seconds with NLP

Generative AI

Translate machine data to human insights with GPT

Intel enrichment

Automatically tag intelligence with actors, regions, industry, vulnerabilities, and more

Browser extensions

Transform web research to intelligence with one click


Detonate URLs in a sandbox to extract real-time indicators

Auto investigate

Automatically create or add to investigations for faster MTTx

Threat bulletins

Generate threat bulletins to inform peers and executives on key events

Threat hunting

Hunt for attacker footprints in your environment with one click

“I was able to translate new threat information from a government agency to my risk assessment in under 5 minutes. It would’ve normally taken days.”

State Government

Chief Information Security Officer

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Time is the biggest enemy when dealing with critical events. Anomali Lens enables you to go from bulletins to bulletproof in minutes.

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