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Anomali Lens
Identify cyber threats right in your browser

Anomali Lens is the first natural language processing (NLP) based web content parser that highlights all cyber threat information for further investigation.

Supercharging Threat Research and Reporting

Attackers inevitably set the agenda for cybersecurity analysts. Yet CISOs want answers and actions from those same analysts—and they want them now. Analysts are constantly racing against the clock to understand attacks and how to prevent threats from harming their networks.

Anomali Lens enables analysts to work and stay in any single web-content location for faster research and to communicate cyber risk better to the executive leadership. This is especially critical in high-pressure environments such as widespread cyber attacks and high-profile data breaches.

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Instant Insights into Action for Cybersecurity Analyst

Anomali Lens scans and converts unstructured data, such as news stories, social media, research papers, blogs, paste sites, coding repositories, and internal content sources like SIEM user interfaces, into actionable intelligence. Anomali Lens leverages natural language programming (NLP) that takes unstructured data and identifies threat actors, malware families, and attack techniques as they relate to threat intelligence.

Elevate Every Security Analyst To Veterans

Executives and CISOs often struggle to hire qualified security personnel to maintain a proper and consistent security posture. But even success in meeting those staffing goals isn’t enough. Data feeds must be translated into boardroom-ready presentations—an often complex and time-consuming process in itself.

Anomali Lens amplifies the productivity of every frontline Security Operations Center staff, enabling them to produce intelligence products with the quality of seasoned cyber professionals.

Easy and Direct Access for CISOs

CISOs often try to access analyst tools directly just to stay informed. However, most cyber tools are not designed to directly alert CISOs that their organization is at risk of being victimized by the threats appearing in online news sources on a daily basis.

Anomali Lens puts the power directly into the hands of the CISO. With a Lens-enabled Web browser, CISOs can determine the relevance of online cyberattack reports, by leveraging Anomali detection capabilities. Anomali searches an organization’s historic cyber security event logs to uncover evidence of compromise by comparing them against Anomali’s vast database of high fidelity threat indicators. Lens gives CISOs a direct look at the relevant data with a single click.