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Anomali Lens

Identify key threat intelligence within unstructured data in seconds

Anomali Lens is a powerful extension that quickly operationalizes threat intelligence by automatically scanning digital content to identify relevant threats and streamline researching and reporting on them.

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Lens feature comparison

Select the Lens plan for your specific needs and get the intelligence, insights, and automation you need to better protect your organization from cyber attacks.

Threat Entity Scanning and IdentificationLensLens+
Scan web pages to identify threat entities
Scan web product consoles and reports to identify threat entities
Scan Microsoft Office 365 Documents (Outlook, Word, Excel) 
Scan PDF documents to identify threat entities 
Auto-scan pages to identify threat entities 
Threat Entity Status and RelevanceLensLens+
Highlight threat entities within scanned documents
QuickLook tooltip for in-page highlighted threat entities
Identify threat entities as Active, Inactive, or Unknown
Identify threat entities correlated from Anomali Match
One-click pivot into ThreatStream to view threat entity details
One-click pivot into Anomali Match to view correlated intelligence
MITRE ATT&CK® TTP highlighting 
Import and AnalysisLensLens+
Import threat entities into ThreatStream 
Automatically create Threat Bulletins in ThreatStream 
Automatically create/add to Investigations in ThreatStream 
Search for a threat entity in Threat Bulletins in ThreatStream 
Detonate URLs in ThreatStream Sandbox 
Report false positives 
Usage and DeploymentLensLens+
Usage limits:  
Page scans100Unlimited
Deployment form factor:  
Browser extension from plugin stores (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
IT deployed plugin (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

Anomali Platform UI (where plugins are prohibited)

Microsoft Office 365 plugin


Go with Anomali and improve your security posture

Organizations rely on Anomali to harness the power of threat intelligence to make effective cybersecurity decisions that reduce risk and strengthen defenses.