Anomali Match | Indicator Expansion and Data Enrichment
Anomali Match

Intelligence-driven threat detection using all of your security data

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Anomali Match

Find threats faster

Anomali Match is the first threat detection and response solution that automatically and continuously correlates ALL your logs against ALL active threat intelligence to expose previously unknown threats that have already penetrated your enterprise, resulting in faster Mean-Time-To-Detection (MTTD), reduced cost of security incidents, and more efficient security operations.

Anomali Match - Aggregate

Automate the collection of ALL security telemetry and threat intelligence

Match captures all of your current and historical event logs, asset data, and active threat intelligence to power comprehensive threat detection and response. Match uses telemetry from across the security layers in your organization – endpoint, network, and cloud – while also integrating asset and vulnerability scan data so that you can quickly identify impacted assets and prioritize your response.

  • Visibility into 5+ years of security telemetry, millions of IOCs, and asset and vulnerability scan data
  • Captures telemetry across your endpoints, network, and cloud
  • Onboards ALL your data sources easily and at a predictable cost

Continuously identify ”known” threats in your network

Match automatically detects malicious activity in your network in real time and at scale using all of your security telemetry and intelligence to identify “known bads”. As a purpose-built detection analytics platform, Match complements your SIEM and allows you to search for threats across a much broader set of telemetry than you can with a traditional SIEM, delivering more comprehensive threat detection.

  • Continuously analyze billions of historical log events against millions of IOCs
  • Find previously hidden incursions with automated retrospective search
  • Identify “known bad” activity on your network in real time and reduce threat dwell times
  • Complement your SIEM investment to deliver more comprehensive threat detection
Anomali Match - Detect
Anomali Match - Investigate

Quickly research and prioritize alerts with advanced threat analytics

Match offers a powerful investigation workbench for security analysts to research, triage, and prioritize threats. All alerts are enriched with comprehensive threat intelligence context, MITRE ATT&CK framework IDs, asset criticality, and risk scores.

  • Enrich alerts with event, asset, indicator, and threat model context, all linked to the underlying raw logs
  • Search historical event data for indicators, TTPs, actors or vulnerabilities, and get answers in seconds
  • Visually pivot and explore relationships and associations for holistic threat analysis with an easy-to-use interactive UI
  • See threat detection results integrated with asset and vulnerability scan data, identifying at a glance the top assets showing malicious activity

Scale your threat hunting with real-time search and TTP-based hunting

Sophisticated attackers have learned how to dynamically change IOCs to avoid detection, but it’s much harder for them to change their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). Match enables your security team to identify threats in your environment based on those TTPs, as well as actors, campaigns, threat bulletins, and vulnerabilities.

  • Search for intrusions in your environment by threat actor, TTPs, threat bulletins, campaign, or vulnerability
  • Analyze the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for a selected actor in the MITRE ATT&CK framework heatmap
  • View matched event details, including dwell time, severity, and event source/destination
Anomali Match - Hunt
Anomali Match - Respond

Quickly prioritize, research, and respond to attacks and mitigate impact

Triaging large volumes of alerts and prioritizing them for investigation and response is an ongoing challenge for SOC analysts. Collecting and analyzing event data across disparate systems can be a time-consuming process, particularly for organizations where SIEM performance limits search access.

  • See alerts by priority, review only relevant log data, analyze a timeline of events to find “patient zero”, and alert incident response systems for remediation
  • Track malicious activity back to the original point of intrusion and review a timeline of compromise
  • Create an incident for further investigation in Match or ThreatStream

Go with Anomali and improve your security posture

Organizations rely on Anomali to harness the power of threat intelligence to make effective cybersecurity decisions that reduce risk and strengthen defenses.