Anomali Match Threat Detection Engine Powering XDR
Anomali Match

Intelligence-driven detection powering Anomali XDR.

Big data threat detection engine that correlates all security telemetry with global intelligence to detect and respond at scale.

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Stop breaches. Stop attackers.

Anomali Match helps improve organizational efficiencies by automating extended detection and response (XDR) activities to quickly profile a threat and its impact on the organization. Match provides precision attack detection that enables security teams to pinpoint relevant threats, understand criticality, and prioritize response.

Without Anomali there are so many threats that would have been missed, or taken far longer to identify and remediate. It has become a critical part of our security monitoring.
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of the Anomali Threat Intelligence Platform
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Anomali Match - Threat Models

Relevant and actionable intelligence, at scale

Match uses big data analytics to capture current and historical event logs, asset data, and active threat intelligence to transform billions of alerts into one decisive response. Match collects security telemetry from across your organization – SIEM, EDR, messaging, and network – and integrates layered threat detection to pinpoint relevant threats and provide analysts with the actionable intelligence required to investigate the root cause or the precision confirmation of an attack to immediately respond.

  • Gain visibility into 5+ years of security telemetry, millions of IOCs, and asset and vulnerability scan data
  • Integrated layered threat detection, including Sandbox detonation, Domain Generation Algorithm, and Indicator Matching correlation
  • Curated high fidelity global intelligence with local telemetry at an unprecedented scale
  • Enriched alerts with event, asset, indicator, and threat model context, all linked to the underlying raw logs

Precision attack detection to cut through the noise

Match automatically detects malicious activity to identify relevant threats in your network in real-time and at scale using all of your security telemetry and intelligence. Match strengthens existing security investments and elevates strategic intelligence, delivering comprehensive threat detection to identify threats across a much broader set of telemetry than with traditional tools.

  • Pinpoint relevant threat activity on your network in real-time to reduce threat dwell times
  • Track malicious activity back to the original point of intrusion with automated retrospective search to find previously hidden incursions and review a timeline of compromise
  • Continuously analyze billions of historical log events against millions of IOCs
  • Accelerate and scale threat hunting activities with real-time search and TTP-based hunting
Anomali Match - Mitre ATT&CK
Anomali Match

Optimized response to prioritize activity and make fast decisions

Match provides security teams with the actionable intelligence needed to make informed decisions. Alerts are enriched with comprehensive threat intelligence context, MITRE ATT&CK framework IDs, asset criticality, and risk scores. Analysts are able to research, triage, and prioritize threats with a powerful integrated investigation workbench to:

  • Search historical event data for indicators, TTPs, actors, or vulnerabilities to get answers in seconds
  • Visually pivot and explore relationships and associations with an easy-to-use interactive UI for holistic threat analysis
  • View threat detection results integrated with asset and vulnerability scan data, to identify the top assets showing malicious activity at a glance
  • See alerts by priority, review only relevant log data, analyze a timeline of events to find “patient zero”, and inform incident response systems for remediation

Key capabilities

  • On-Demand and continuous threat detection using full suite CTI matching and advanced ML analytics (RM)
  • Predictive detection of malicious C2 domains created by attacker domain generation algorithms
  • Big data security management supporting event/alert correlation and machine learning analytics
  • Continuous monitoring of detected indicators and associated threat models for response and ROI assessment
  • In console IoC to threat model associations transform detection activities into organizational security posture assessments
  • MITRE ATT&CK mapping with an immediate view of globally matched threat impact on the organizational security posture
  • Integrated global threat intel provides org critical asset I.D. and alignment with known vulnerabilities and observed IoCs for response prioritization
  • Meta-data framework enables performant threat searching across years of data w/raw log drill down
  • Incident investigation identifying root cause, blast impact, and lateral attack movement of a campaign (RM)

Enhance your detection and response capabilities

Anomali makes organizations Cyber Resilient with intelligence powered extended detection capabilities that optimize incident response across security ecosystems.