Anomali Match

Security starts with visibility

Is your SIEM forcing you to choose between seeing all threats and cost savings? Why not both? Amplify your visibility with access to all security telemetry and apply analytics and AI to identify the threat, recognize the adversary, anticipate their moves, and curb their progress.

Step beyond the alert. Stop the adversary.

Anomali Match

Security analytics for the modern organization.

How customers use Match

Empowering a proactive approach security operations. Accelerating the time to protection.

Precision attack detection

Identify breaches with high precision using insights into attacker indicators and behavior.

Enriched and automated response

Prioritize, accelerate, and automate responses with attacker insights and breach context.

Informed incident response

Know the adversary, predict their next steps, and stop the breach impact.

Accelerate threat hunting

Go from bulletins to hunting in minutes with automation powered workflows.

Collaborative workflows

Break the silos within and partner with peers to speed up time to detection and response.
WHY Anomali Match?

Key capabilities

Log aggregation

Ingest all relevant telemetry from all your security controls

Scalable data lake

Gain retrospective insights and compliance with years of telemetry

Automated threat detection

Multi-layer detection powered by IoC, IoA, and DGA

Behavior analytics

Identify behavioral anomalies with curated indicators of attack

Domain generation algorithm

Predict the malicious command & callback domains using DGA

Investigation workflows

Research and action alerts with an interactive investigation workbench

Alert enrichment

Enrich security alerts with actors, campaigns, TTPs, and more

Threat hunting

Drive your hunt with actor insights, hunt years of data in minutes

Response automation

Predict the attackers next steps, proactively defend with integrated response workflows

Case Study
Learn how a top-tier European financial institution gained visibility into all their telemetry to power their threat hunting program and protect itself against tier 1 threat actors who could be highly detrimental to the business.

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Don’t let the limits of your tools define the limits of your visibility. Reimagine security operations with the power of analytics, AI, and automation. At scale.

Do it smarter with Anomali.