IT Security Guru Product Review

<p><strong><img alt="" src="" /></strong></p> <p><strong>Verdict:</strong> Anomali weaponizes your cyber security teams by providing all the intelligence they need to detect, assess and mitigate threats</p> <p>Enterprises that rely on reactive responses to cyber threats are asking for trouble. Ever increasing numbers of businesses are only discovering data breaches often months after they have occurred so all they can do is own up, engage in damage limitation and brace themselves for a potentially punitive fine.</p> <p>Cybersecurity analysts are on the front line but to be able to take a more proactive stance, they require knowledge. Threat intelligence can make all the difference as it arms them with the information they need to predict the next attack and strengthen their network defences accordingly.</p> <h3>Read the review online:<br /> <a href="">IT Security Guru Product Review</a></h3>