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Partner Datasheet: ArcSight

<h3>Company Overview</h3> <p>Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers, delivering trusted and proven mission-critical software that keeps the digital world running.<br /> <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <h3>Product Overview</h3> <p>The ArcSight SIEM solution is a comprehensive threat detection and compliance management platform with a flexible architecture allowing organizations to easily scale out their existing deployments.</p> <h3>Solution Highlights</h3> <p>ArcSight is an Enterprise security management software that combines event correlation and security analytics to identify and prioritize threats in real time and remediate incidents early.</p> <p>The threat landscape is continually expanding and organizations are under continuous attack and overwhelmed with alerts. Thousands of incidents occur each day and security professionals only have time to deal with dozens. This creates operational chaos. Security teams need next-generation security solutions to help them respond faster, defend proactively and invest smarter.</p> <h2>Just-In-Time Intelligence</h2> <p>Threat intelligence is continuously gathered, categorized, risk ranked for severity and confidence in Anomali’s ThreatStream platform. It is then delivered in real time to your ArcSight instance for detection of security threats in your enterprise infrastructure, allowing the security and threat intelligence teams to quickly see high priority threats to your business. Each of the selected IOCs for integration into your ArcSight instance is enriched with factors such as risk score to add context and relevance to the delivered information.</p> <h2>ArcSight and ThreatStream Together</h2> <p>Add high-fidelity threat intelligence from Anomali ThreatStream to event data in your ArcSight deployment so your SOC analysts can focus on the real threats rather than false positives.</p> <p>Benefits include:</p> <h3>Integrated Context</h3> <p>The intelligence is based on common industry-accepted Indicators of Compromise (IOC) such as source and destination IP addresses, email addresses, domains, URLs, and so on, but is enriched with factors such as risk score to add context and relevance to the delivered information.</p> <h3>Automated Integration</h3> <p>ArcSight ESM content is delivered through the <a href="" target="_blank">Anomali Link for ArcSight ESM</a> software. Anomali Link talks directly with the ESM API to deliver rules, dashboards and other configurations. Anomali provides various active channels for working in ArcSight.</p> <h3>Real-World Content</h3> <p>Anomali ArcSight Active Lists, Rules, Filters, and Dashboards provide seamless, automated integration of indicator data to deliver real-time threat intelligence to your ArcSight instance, so you can start using the threat feeds in meaningful ways more efficiently and more effectively than ever before.</p> <h2>Benefits of ThreatStream</h2> <ul> <li>Easy-to-use interface to view threat information received through STIX/TAXII feeds.</li> <li>Analyze and correlate data into actionable information: SIEM rules, reports, and dashboards.</li> <li>Pinpoint IOCs — quickly search for a specific indicator, search for an indicator type over a time range, and drill-down into details.</li> <li>Eliminate unnecessary, duplicative and irrelevant indicators— before they enter your infrastructure.</li> <li>Identify and prioritize the events that matter now — without DIY scripting.</li> <li>Machine-to-Machine learning algorithms scale to accommodate thousands of IOCs per minute across your environment.</li> </ul> <h2>Benefits of ArcSight</h2> <ul> <li>Prioritize security events</li> <li>Protect your business</li> <li>Flexible architecture</li> <li>Speed to value and simplified SIEM</li> <li>Real-time correlation</li> <li>Non-stop compliance</li> <li>Security information ecosphere</li> <li>Easily expand the size and breadth of a deployment.</li> </ul> <h2>About Anomali</h2> <p>Anomali is the leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, including ThreatStream®, Match™️, and Lens™️. More than 1,500 public and private sector organizations rely on Anomali to see and detect threats more quickly, reduce the risk of security breaches, and improve security operations productivity.</p> <h2>About Micro Focus</h2> <p>Micro Focus delivers enterprise software to empower 40,000 customers worldwide to run, transform, and adapt. With a comprehensive portfolio, underpinned by a robust analytics ecosystem, Micro Focus delivers pragmatic, customer-centric solutions to bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies and enable organizations to achieve Smart Digital Transformation. That’s High Tech, Low Drama.</p> <p>For more information contact Anomali sales at <a href=""></a></p>