7 Experts on the Importance of Understanding Your Attack Surface and Relevant Threat Landscape

<p>Understanding your attack surface and relevant threat landscape is key to forming effective risk management strategies. This involves assessing the risks associated with the systems and data you must protect. </p> <!-- START: Parmonic embed for video --> <div class="parmonic-widget" data-layout="single" data-v-id="ad/918f287c514b4530"> </div> <script defer src="https://awjs.blob.core.windows.net/awjs/v5/aw-single.js"></script><script> document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () { setupParmonicWidget(); }); </script><!-- END: Parmonic embed for video --> <p> </p> <p>To gain expert insight into this subject, we interviewed seven leading security experts from various industries and asked what advice they have for organizations looking to identify and protect their most sensitive assets. </p> <p>Read their valuable perspectives on why companies must understand their attack surfaces — including following best practices, embracing automation, prioritizing asset protection, and keeping up with emerging threats. </p> <p>Download now to learn more about why taking a proactive approach to cyber security is important.</p>

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