Anomali Cybersecurity Insights Report: Executive Summary

<h2>Find Out What Drives Cyber Resiliency and Best Practices to Protect Your Valuable Assets</h2> <p>In this high-level executive summary of our findings from the Anomali State of Cyber Resilience Report, we look into the challenges organizations face in establishing and maintaining a resilient cybersecurity posture needed to defend against today’s advanced cyberthreats. </p> <p>With 87% of organizations surveyed suffering an attack, it is no surprise that three out of four or 75% of organizations have increased their cybersecurity budgets and are re-evaluating their cybersecurity strategies. </p> <p>Our research uncovered numerous reasons why achieving cyber resilience is difficult. Key findings include:</p> <ul> <li>Following the pandemic, organizations are re-evaluating their cybersecurity strategy and budget</li> <li>Despite perceived cyber resiliency by some organizations, there is room for improvement</li> <li>Many organizations are missing  the mark when detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats</li> </ul> <h3>Get the insights needed to establish and maintain a resilient cybersecurity posture!</h3>

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