COVID-19: The Global Health Pandemic and Cybersecurity Challenge – The Harris Poll Survey Results

<h2>The Case for Increased Cybersecurity</h2> <p>Adversaries have taken advantage of the situation to spoof COVID-19-related websites, send phishing emails and smishing messages, and to launch malware via fake contact tracing apps, as they seek to exploit the vulnerability of employees working from home and other remote locations. With it becoming increasingly clear that an important digital transformation use case will revolve around returning life to normal, Anomali commissioned a Harris Poll survey focused on consumer attitudes towards COVID-19 digital vaccination cards.</p> <p>Responses were gathered from more than 2,000 adults 18 and older in the United States and more than 1,000 adults 18 and over in the United Kingdom. They showed that consumers are more connected than they’ve ever been, willing to adopt digital vaccination cards under certain conditions, and aware of the risks.</p> <p>They also show that public and private sector organizations need to take steps to ensure resiliency, detect threats, and respond to incidents, as consumers, who are also employees, are open to solutions that will further expand attack surfaces.</p> <h3>Keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape, including detecting and responding to targeted attacks.</h3>

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