Seven Cybersecurity Experts on Cyber Fusion: Collaborative Security to Defend the Modern Threat Landscape

<h2>Breaking Down Organizational Silos with Threat Intelligence</h2> <p>Digital transformation has quickly expanded attack surfaces. Now more than ever, global organizations must balance a rapidly evolving cyber security threat landscape against business requirements. </p> <p>The situation calls for a new approach that enables collaboration within an organization, bringing together security teams and members from each stakeholder organization to share requirements and adopt a cyber fusion strategy. With a cyber fusion framework, people, processes, and strategies work together to ensure their organization is properly defended, informed by threat intelligence at every touchpoint.</p> <p>This ebook introduces the cyber fusion framework as the inflection point for siloed organizations to work together, from cyber threat intelligence (CTI), security operations center (SOC), and incident response (IR) teams, to finance and physical security teams. Learn about challenges and opportunities with insight from industry experts.</p> <h4>Download this ebook to learn how experts utilize cyber fusion to break down silos within their organizations.</h4>

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