COVID-19 Digital Vaccine Card Efforts Stall – Amid American and British Cybersecurity Fears

<h2>Easing Restrictions, Rising Cyberattacks, and Digital Solutions Aimed at Overcoming the Pandemic are at a Nexus</h2> <p>Consumers appear somewhat willing to use COVID-19 digital vaccination cards, but fear of cyberattacks may stall adoption. Two-thirds of U.S. adults and nearly 8 in 10 UK adults are likely to get digital vaccination cards if they become required for certain activities, such as traveling, attending sporting events, on-campus education, entering a store or government building, etc. Yet 78% have cybersecurity concerns, and 64% expect a disruptive cybersecurity attack following adoption. </p> <p>The survey conducted with The Harris Poll to determine consumers’ fears related to COVID-19 digital vaccination cards revealed that almost all adults in the United States and the United Kingdom have smartphones, representing a massive and growing attack surface.</p>