Accelerate Your Threat Hunting | Anomali Demo


Accelerate the Threat Hunt | Anomali Demo


Threat Hunting for Proactive Threat Detection

IT security teams are constantly on the lookout for the next hack or vulnerability. As attacks become more advanced and pervasive, the concept and practice of threat hunting have emerged.

To hunt for security threats means to look for traces of attackers, past and present, in the IT environment. Organizations that employ threat hunting typically use an analyst-centric, manual process to uncover hidden threats missed by automated protection and detection controls. This work is tedious and often requires highly paid level 3 SOC analysts to manually develop a hypothesis, research intelligence, and hunt for evidence to pinpoint a potential problem area for further investigation.

By leveraging the Anomali Platform, security professionals can move seamlessly across the threat-hunting workflow in minutes - not in hours or days.

Watch the video to see proactive threat detection in action.