Anomali STAXX


Introducing Anomali STAXX.

STAXX is a free client that lets you access any STIX or TAXII compatible threat intelligence.

Connect to any public, community, or paid third-party source.

Get started with STAXX in three easy steps.

Simply input your credentials, select the feeds you want, set up a schedule to collect the latest threat intelligence, and STAXX will download the latest threat updates.

Interactive dashboards allow you to view all of your data, and a powerful search engine allows you to quickly zero in on IOCs.

When you find an IOC of interest, you can drill down for more information on the Anomali STAXX portal.

Here, you can find associated details for that IOC including geolocation, ISP, reverse DNS, and more.

STAXX also provides WHOIS information and passive DNS history.

You can export and import data directly into STAXX via CSV, JSON, or API.

Finally, you can share your data with your peers and trusted communities.

Download STAXX free and get started today.