Attack Surface Management


Protecting your environment starts with attacks surface management to gain insights into your infrastructure and uncover exposed assets to stop breaches and attackers. Anomalies attack surface management offering has several unique features. A customizable dashboard allows you to determine your loopback period and which components of exposure you find most critical.

Diving into the most recent report, we can similarly see and customize trending. We can also identify which IP addresses have been observed with each subdomain. From here, we can see what ports are open, as well as expired certificates and potential CVEs. You can filter the report to focus on various potential issues, such as SSH ports exposed to the internet.

You can also customize the report to show you information you find most pertinent. In this case, we want to add open port information. We can search all information in the report, regardless of what is shared in the display. In this case, we want to know which hosts are potentially vulnerable to a specific CVE.

Each search includes wild cards, so you only need to search on a portion of the information. If you want to share an interactive version of this report, you can do so by downloading the full report. From there, you can share this information with others, including executives and other business units.

Finally, we want to know if we've seen any evidence of bad actors attempting to exploit these CVS and our environment our match application gives us insights into evidence from our logs of attackers who may have been attempting to exploit these CVEs. We can look back through years of data in just a few seconds. There you have it, anomalies attack surface management solution. We are rapidly innovating in this platform, so check back soon for more features.