CISO Series Defense in Depth: Proactive Security

<p>How do you keep your organization secure from threats and attacks? Every day adversaries are not only increasing in quantity but getting smarter and better at cyberattacks. Most companies are in a reactive state or even worse remain intentionally ignorant. AJ Nash, Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy at Anomali, sits down with David Spark, creator of CISO Series, and Allan Alford, Delivery CISO at NTT Data Services, to discuss how a threat intelligence platform is the key to breaking the reactive cycle and enables an organization to have a proactive cybersecurity strategy.</p><p>You’ll learn:​</p><ul><li>How your threat intelligence effort is only as good as your understanding of your internal threat landscape and business mission.</li><li>It’s best to invest in threat intelligence once you are aware of your assets, and you know what adversaries are after, so you can adjust your defenses accordingly.</li><li>If you don’t have intelligence you’re doing reactive security, which nobody wants, yet that’s what many often end up doing.</li></ul>