CISO Series Defense in Depth: The Iran Cybersecurity Threat

<p>The Iran conflict has threatened new retaliations, including cyber retaliation, causing panic as we don’t know where the threats will come from or who they will affect. It often takes a scare like this to get organizations to pay closer attention to their threat detection strategies and incident response capabilities. Nicholas Hayden, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence at Anomali sits down with David Spark, creator of CISO Series, and Allan Alford, Delivery CISO at NTT Data Services, to discuss how an organization needs to stay grounded and focused in these times of uncertainty instead of immediately implementing DEFCON 1 measures.</p><p>Listen to this podcast and you’ll hear more on:</p><ul><li>Why you shouldn’t wait for an international incident to occur to review your security posture</li><li>Start practicing your incident response plans and your disaster recovery now</li><li>Assume the worst-case scenario, but don’t immediately go into DEFCON 1</li><li>Keep discussions with the C-Suite as risk-based conversations</li><li>Be mindful of becoming complacent or overreacting</li><li>Manage your threat intelligence consistently over time for the best defense against cyberattacks</li></ul><p>Download the <a href="https://www.anomali.com/resources/whitepapers/iran-cybersecurity-profile">Islamic Republic of Iran Cybersecurity Profile from Anomali Threat Research</a> for further information on Iran&#39;s cyber-strategy and capabilities.</p>