Video Interview with Anomali: Cyber Threats Facing the Middle East

<p> is the leading IT content provider for the Middle East covering stories across enterprise technology, cybersecurity, and the region’s IT channel industry. Andrew de Lange, Intelligence Solutions Architect at Anomali spoke with Anita Joseph, Editor, Reller ME at about the unique cyber threats facing the Middle East and how organizations can defend themselves from cyber-attacks.</p> <p>In this video interview, Andrew discusses:</p> <ul> <li>Threat landscape evolution in the Middle East</li> <li>How the global pandemic has changed cybersecurity</li> <li>What is threat intelligence and Anomali’s product solutions</li> <li>The importance of sharing partnerships to boost your organization’s defenses</li> <li>Anomali’s active presence in the region</li> </ul> <p>Watch this video to gain insight on the state of cybersecurity in the Middle East and how building a threat intelligence program is key to mitigating cyber-attacks.</p>