TechStrong TV Interviews Anomali

<p>TechStrong TV host, Alan Shimel, talks with AJ Nash, Sr. Director of Cyber Intelligence Strategy at Anomali, about the role threat intelligence plays in security and how enterprises are using threat intelligence platforms (TIPs). TechStrong TV, hosted on the Digital Anarchist Network, is a platform for discussing topics related to IT and technology.</p> <p>Highlights from the interview include:</p> <ul> <li>Where threat intelligence resides in most organizations</li> <li>Threat intelligence in the public versus private sector</li> <li>ROI of threat intelligence</li> <li>Languages of the C-Suite</li> <li>Anomali Platform</li> </ul> <p>Download the <a href="">Managing Threat Intelligence Playbook</a> to learn how to successfully add threat intelligence to your organization’s environment.</p>