The Anomali Platform

<p>Anomali has made its mark delivering Threat Intelligence powered detection and response with its portfolio of ThreatStream, Match, and Lens. Now, we’ve expanded upon that leadership position by introducing The Anomali Platform.</p> <p>By correlating the world’s largest repository of global actor, technique, and indicator intelligence with our infinite detection capabilities, we deliver a one-of-a-kind extended detection and response solution that continuously detects threats and prevents attacks before they happen. Watch this video to learn how The Anomali Platform can help benefit your organization.</p> <p>Check out the following resources for more information on The Anomali Platform: <br /> <a href="">The Anomali Platform Brochure</a><br /> <a href="">ThreatStream Datasheet</a><br /> <a href="">Match Datasheet</a><br /> <a href="">Lens Datasheet</a></p>


Attack surfaces are growing at an alarming rate, accelerated by cloud migrations and digital transformation projects.

Organizations need solutions that will keep up but many struggle with one size fits all security tools that are unable to surface relevant threats and provide the visibility and threat intelligence necessary for effective and efficient detection and response.

Introducing the Anomali platform, a cloud native extended detection and response solution or XDR, powered by key components that work together to ingest security telemetry data from any source and correlated with active threat intelligence at lightning fast speeds to drive rapid detection, prioritization, analysis, and response.

By combining big data management, machine learning, and the world's largest global threat intelligence repository, organizations can understand what's happening inside and outside their network within seconds.

Anomali Threat Stream automates the collection and processing of raw data producing actionable insights and increased visibility into trending threats and the actors behind them, so security teams can respond quickly and effectively.

Anomali Lens is a powerful natural language processing engine that operates analyzes threat intelligence by scanning digital content for relevant threats.

Lens provides analysts with real time context helping them understand the root cause and impact, so they can resolve threats and minimize damage.

Anomali Match offers precision threat detection that cuts through the noise to analyze and validate relevant threats enabling decisive action to stop breaches and attackers quickly.

With integrated investigation frameworks like the Mitre ATT&CK Framework, organizations can understand the progress of active attacks.

And with predictive capabilities, you can understand what might happen next and how to prevent it, enabling effective response throughout the entire attack lifecycle.

Additional features include the industry's largest set of turnkey integrations with leading enterprise SIEMs, Firewalls, EDRs, SOARs, and Public Clouds.

A built in marketplace to try and buy new sources of threat intelligence and integrated threat intelligence sharing, trusted globally by ISACs, ISAOs, and holding companies.

By breaking down silos and gaining insight into all security telemetry in one place, you can boost efficiency and ROY across existing security investments.

The Anomali platform provides security teams with the tools and insights needed to detect relevant threats, make informed decisions, and defend against the sophisticated threats of today and tomorrow.

Contact us today to learn how you can strengthen your detection and response capabilities.

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