VirtuPort TV Interviews Anomali at MENA ISC

<p>At the MENA Information Security Conference (MENA ISC) held in Riyadh, Andrew de Lange, Senior Solutions Consultant at Anomali, participated in a panel discussion entitled Leveraging Threat and Vulnerability Intelligence to Make Cyber Space Safe. Following the panel discussion Andrew spoke with VirtuPort TV about how to use threat and vulnerability information in your intelligence program. Mena ISC is the premier cybersecurity conference in the Middle East with the purpose of creating opportunities for those in information security to learn about important issues, connect with peers and hear from thought leaders.</p> <p>Key topics from the discussion include:</p> <ul> <li>Highlights from the panel discussion</li> <li>Investing time in people is crucial for defending your organization against cyber attacks</li> <li>The importance of a vulnerability management team</li> <li>Best practices for scanning your network</li> <li>Prioritization of patches</li> <li>Understand where you are vulnerable and what could be attacking you</li> <li>Anomali’s local resources</li> </ul>